10 Tips for Successfully Promoting Your Cannabis Business

As with any other business, operating your first Marijuana Establishment in Massachusetts requires certain procedures. If approved, this could be a stepping stone to expand your advocacy towards the medicinal benefits of this excellent plant.

However, due to the numerous online dispensaries, not to mention the marijuana black market; your Marijuana Establishment could be seeing a closure or cessation anytime soon – if not handled or advertised properly.

10-tips-for-successfully-promoting-your-cannabis-businessThere are ways to propel your cannabis business so it’s ahead of the curve in the industry. Do these top 10 tips for successfully promoting your cannabis business and make your bank happy.

1. Know Your Target Market

Feasibility studies are extremely important when putting up a business, how much more selling a product which has been linked to minor and heinous crimes. Especially if it’s an area of disproportionate impact, meaning areas with historically high rates of crimes related to marijuana. Know your market’s background and social status. This way, you can stay on top of the game by knowing how to talk to your prospective consumers.

2. Make Sure to Get Licensed

There are marijuana establishment application and license fees. This is the initial step in being able to promote your cannabis business legally and reliably. If people know that you’re a licensed seller meaning you underwent all procedures to procure a registration card, they’ll most likely trust your business and in turn, purchase your cannabis products as well.

3. Follow the Cannabis Control Commission’s Rules

Your registration card can be revoked or ceased if you don’t adhere to the specific rules of the Commission. Like for example, they require that 51 percent of the licensee’s employees and executives must be a Massachusetts resident for 12 months or more. You must also pass a certain leadership rating which will be assessed by the Commission.

4. Never Allow Onsite Consumption

This is extremely important when constructing a cannabis business in Massachusetts. It’s said that a marijuana retailer can’t deliver marijuana products to consumers nor let them consume the products in the premises of the marijuana establishment. If you don’t build a good and solid reputation in the industry, chances are, all your hard work will go down the drain. One wrong move will close down your cannabis business.

5. Advertise in Social Media

Social media is a great platform to advertise your marijuana business. Make sure that you make your presence known by communicating with your prospective and existing consumers consistently. Don’t let them think their speaking to a heartless robot, try to engage and nourish the relationships with your target market. Let them know why your cannabis business is better than the rest, mention the positive points that give you your upper hand among the rest of the competition such as safety measures, proper storage, premium marijuana cultivators, and more.

6. A Website is A Must

You must create your own website and there’s no other way around it. People nowadays rely on the internet to do their research and shopping. They look for online reviews before purchasing as well. Your website is one way to connect with your consumers. It must be professional, user-friendly, and informative.

7. Your Logo Must Be Striking

With an upsurge of cannabis businesses in the entire United States, it’s challenging to propel your business to success especially if you have a crappy logo. Invest in a good graphic designer and make sure the logo represents your products completely so that it’s easy for people to remember. And while you’re at it, create an appealing mission vision.

8. Optimize Your Video Content

According to studies, videos will most likely reign the digital marketing industry in a few years’ time. Make sure you take advantage of videos in advertising your products professionally. In addition, always see to it that your website, images, and videos are mobile-friendly so that people on-the-go can still visit your page anytime, anywhere.

9. Ensure High-Quality Marijuana Products All the Time

Word of mouth can travel fast and if you sell low-quality marijuana products, people in the same circle will most likely talk about it. Then all hell will break loose. This can be the end of your cannabis business. Needless to say, consumers are always looking for the best and most affordable cannabis strains and cannabis-infused products in the market, ensure that all your products undergo quality control every time.

10. Offer Excellent Customer Support

A cannabis business is a personalized business. Making the consumer’s online and onsite shopping experience a memorable one could mean you have a regular consumer for life. See to it that you accommodate their concerns and inquiries in a fair and friendly way.

These are simple yet effective methods to successfully promote your cannabis business in Massachusetts. If you are expecting a lucrative business, you must also do your share in following the Commission’s regulations so everything will be seamless.

Author Bio: Leanne Brooks, a frequent traveler and dietitian, loves to write about little-known facts and fun stuff about travel, health and food. She frequently blogs at The Green Ace, one of the leading Canadian company based in BC that provides legal, safe access to high quality Medicinal Marijuana.

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