4 Best Grow Light Movers | Optimize your Grow Room Lighting!

4 Best Grow Light Movers | Optimize your Grow Room Lighting!

Do you want to know the secret of healthier plants? Plants need three things the most – soil, water, nutrients, and LED grow lights.

If plants are not getting any one of these things sufficiently, they won’t grow to the fullest. Nowadays, you can find tools such as best grow light movers that can help you increase the yield of the plants.

The biggest issue a grower faces is equivalent light received by each plant in a grow room. The plant which is close to light will receive excessive light, which in return burns the plant. Hence, a light mover for grow tent or grow room is a necessity.

A grow light mover is attached to the ceiling, where a grow light is attached. The motor lets the grow light to move back and forth — this way, the light distributes evenly in all directions ensuring the even growth of the plants.


Selection of the Best Grow Light Rail for Grow Room

There are several types of light movers available in the market. It is essential to choose which type of grow light mover will be suitable for your grow tent or grow room. There are circular and track-based light movers available, which can hold multiple grow lights at once. We have written best grow light mover reviews for you, so you can easily make a decision.

  Image Product Check Price
1. grow light rail mover Light Rail 4.0 AdjustaDrive Kit check price
2. LightRail-3.5-KIT Light Rail 3.5 IntelliDrive Kit check price
3. LightRail-4.2-light-mover Light Rail 4.20 AdjustaDrive Kit check price
4. Casolly Grow Light Mover Casolly Grow Light Mover check price


Grow Light Movers Reviews


1. Light Rail 4.0 AdjustaDrive Kit Motor w Rail

best grow light moverLight rail is one of the known brands for manufacturing the grow light movers since 1986 by Gualala Robotics. Light rail 4.0 comes with an AdjustaDrive kit, which has everything adjustable in a grow light.

The grow light rail mover pauses between 0 to 60 seconds at each end of the rail to ensure every plant gets enough light. As a result, there will be no hotspots and shadow shifting on the plants. It’s adaptable up to 240 volts.

The adjustable speed feature is very convenient. The light mover can cover up to 4 feet in one minute. Also, the light mover is durable and flexible. Whether you are using light rail for grow room or light mover for grow tent, you can customize the rail according to the area.

The only drawback of this light mover is the power cord breaks easily as it tangles with the light mover when it moves. The light rail 4.0 gets 4+ ratings by the users on most review websites.



2. Light Rail 3.5 IntelliDrive Kit Motor

light mover for grow tentLight rail 3.5 is another fantastic light mover by Light Rail. The light rail grow light mover comes with a 10 RPM IntelliDrive robotic motor, two-piece two-meter (six feet six inches) rail, and installation hardware. Unlike light rail 4.0, it can’t adjust speed.

The light rail 3.5 has 0 to 60 seconds time delay for evenly light distribution, which can be changed as it allows adjustable travel distance. This grow light rail mover is ideal for all kinds of small grow rooms. The light rail for grow room helps the grow light mover to cover 30% more area.

If you are looking for a light mover for grow tent, this one is not suitable as it works at 110 volts only. The light mover is durable, which means you can change the size of the rail according to your requirements. However, the mover weighs 7 pounds, which is heavy as compared to other movers. Users gave this product a mostly positive rating.



3. Light Rail 4.20 AdjustaDrive Kit

light rail for grow roomLight rail 4.20 has an additional feature, which is nothing less than a blessing for growers. Now you can get two lights that move with AdjustaDrive robotic motor. It includes some other things like rails, a lamp kit, and aux trolley.

The light rail for grow room has pre-installed wheels on its motor, which helps the lights to move quickly. Just like other movers, it also has a time delay between 0 to 60 seconds for uniform light distribution. This grow light rail mover is quite heavy as it weighs 10 pounds.

The compatibility of light rail is up to 240 volts, which makes it easier to use anywhere in the world. As the light mover has two lights, you can use it in a larger area as it provides more light, which in return expands yields. However, the motor is not durable. It is liked by most users on online platforms.



4. Casolly Grow Light Mover

Grow light mover reviews

Not only Light Rail manufactures great light movers, but Casolly also produces good quality light movers. Casolly has been producing light movers and other products for a long time. You can trust the brand with its products.

Casolly grow light mover comes with a 10 RPM motor and two-pieces of rail which are eight feet apart. Just like every other light mover, it also has a time delay at both ends. The time delay is usually between 2 to 120 seconds, which means slow speed. You do not have the option to adjust the time and travel destinations.

Thes best thing about Casolly grow light mover is its full illumination coverage that results in more scattered light and fewer lamps. You can reduce or increase the number of lamps as a light mover can be used in a grow tent.



Last Thought about the Best Grow Light Mover

With the help of grow light mover reviews, you can buy a light mover according to your preference. The product is costly; hence making the right decision is essential.

A grow light mover is an integral part of a grow room. It not only helps in scattering the light evenly, but it also saves your money in the long run. The light mover is designed in such a way that it pauses for a few seconds to avoid shadow patterns and hotspots.

In short, if you have a larger space, we would suggest you buy light rail 4.20 as it has two lights. If you have a grow tent, a light rail 4.0 fits your criteria.

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