4 must-haves when choosing a CBD product for your dog (with Ryan Burke)


CBD products have exploded on the scene in the last couple of years. As with all supplements, labeling and ingredients can be difficult to understand. And don’t even get me started on regulation! (or lack thereof).

The uncertainty of it all can make many consumers feel overwhelmed and filled with questions.

Our guest this week will hopefully put an end to all this confusion. His name is Ryan Burke and he’s my co-founder at Sunny’s®.

He has significant background in the human side of the supplement industry and is the Product Manager for a leading company. Through his time in the industry he’s managed the quality control efforts for over 100 botanical ingredients and has a true nose for quality ingredients.

Today he’ll share his deep knowledge on all things CBD and what you need to look for (and look out for) when it comes to choosing CBD for your dog.


[1:55] Introduction and background for Ryan (and his dog Davie!)
[3:30] The 4 must-haves when choosing a CBD for your dog
[8:02] What terpenes are, and why buying organic is important
[11:44] Quality labs Ryan recommends for testing CBD
[14:44] A few other important things to consider with CBD products
[19:05] How much CBD to use for different size dogs
[22:40] Red flags to look out for with CBD products
[26:40] Pros and cons of different extraction methods (CO2 vs hydrocarbon, etc)

Resources Mentioned on this episode:

Sunny’s® https://sunnysgoldens.com/
Eurofins lab testing https://www.eurofins.com/
Dogs Naturally https://www.dogsnaturallymagazine.com/
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