6 Ways To Develop Healthy Marijuana Habits In 2019

If you use cannabis and cannabis products, there’s a good chance that you’re already incorporating the herb to improve on your health. From increasing your appetite to helping you get a good night’s rest, medical marijuana does wonders. What if you want to step up your health awareness a notch for the new year, though? There are great ways to do so using cannabis. Here are just six.

Use Cannabis Infused Salves Both Pre And Post Workout

Your muscles are bound to get sore if you’re pushing yourself, but using a preventative measure like rubbing them down with THC, CBD or a combo infusion before and after a workout, you’ll be well on your way to greater comfort and better training. When using topicals, even if infused with activated THC, they won’t alter your mind, and therefore are great for when you really want to push yourself or even if you’re just out having active fun.

Cut Some Of The Sugar Out Of Your Edibles

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Research your local dispensaries before going for edibles. No matter how good the chocolates and caramels and creams taste, they really should be eaten in moderation. No one’s going crazy and saying to cut them out completely, but maybe look for the pot infused granola next time or make your own at home where you have total control over the ingredients.

Microdose And Stretch

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From yoga to pre and post workout, stretching is one of the healthiest activities we can participate in as human beings. Get that extra inch of stretch in and let yourself feel the burn by either taking a very small amount of marijuana in edible or tincture form, like 5 mg or less, an hour before stretching or by having a puff off of your vape pen or pipe right before. The added stimulation will have you in the zone.

Bring Your Vape Pen On A Brisk Walk

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Some of the best parts about vape pens are that they’re very portable and non-intrusive, whereas a billowing cloud of smoke can be off-putting in public, not to mention pretty much illegal. Be aware of your surroundings at all times, though and use the vape as a reward system by taking a draw per mile or whatever dosage you’re comfortable with.

DIY THC Creams And Other Infusions


Cannabis is so very versatile, it can go into just about anything with a carrier oil or other carrier substance. Making your own at home, whether it be salve for sore muscles or healthy, love baked goodies, means that you have full control over what goes into the infusion, and therefore what goes into your system.

Cut Back On The Netflix And Chill Seshes

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Again, this isn’t a habit that one must “kick,” but if you find yourself chilling on the couch getting stoned more often than you find yourself outdoors or making art or otherwise improving upon your various forms of health, maybe it’s time to reevaluate your schedule and make some more time for seshing in the above ways or in any way that makes you feel better about yourself from the inside out.

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