Adult-Use Cannabis Legalization Has Strong Support in New Jersey, According to New Poll


New Jersey voters will get to decide whether to legalize adult-use cannabis in the Garden State this November, and a new poll conducted by Monmouth University indicates that legalization has strong support, according to The Motley Fool.

Sixty-one percent of roughly 700 registered voters who participated in the poll said they would vote in favor of legalization, while 34% said they would vote against it, according to the news outlet.

The poll also revealed that while the issue has strong support among Democrats, 40% of Republican voters polled said they would also approve the legalization measure, The Motley Fool reported.

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy campaigned in support of adult-use legalization and lawmakers fought unsuccessfully to pass a legalization proposal last year, when efforts ultimately stalled in the Senate over the summer.

Lawmakers introduced a resolution last fall to kick the issue over to voters on this year’s ballot.

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