Agentix Hires Sensor Systems Development Expert as Vice President of Engineering


San Diego, CA – April 16, 2020 — PRESS RELEASE — Agnetix, a digital horticulture lighting company with world benchmarks in energy efficiency, light output and intelligent data insights, has announced the appointment of Paul Wanis as its new Vice President of Engineering.

As a thought partner, Wanis will collaborate with the Agnetix team and lead internal and external engineering resources to further develop light, sensor, data, software and AI technologies for sustainable plant cultivation.

With over 20 years of electrical, firmware and software engineering experience and a background in developing acoustic instruments used for scientific measurements and military navigation, Wanis brings a unique perspective on data collection that will drive innovation for Agnetix and the entire horticulture industry. Wanis has a proven track record of deploying customer-centric, cutting-edge technologies to market and will work closely with global cultivators to develop new solutions for robust and efficient horticultural plant growth.

“We are excited to welcome Paul to our leading-edge engineering team,” said Jordan Miles, CEO of Agnetix. “Paul’s focused expertise in rugged, non-invasive interrogation technology sensors aligns well with our vision to further propel the horticulture industry with data-driven insights.”

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