Audi full of cannabis in fatal collision

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A high-performance Audi was packed full of recreational marijuana destined for the bigger city when it lost control and hit another oncoming car. 2 tonnes of cannabis was scattered across the N2 highway in Natal, South Africa and unfortunately there were 4 fatalities in the incident.

27 July 2020 – dead in head-on collision- N2 Tugela

Earlier this morning IPSS Medical Rescue responded to a high impact collision on the N2 near Mandeni. On arrival of paramedics, they found an Audi engulfed in flames with two entrapped occupants. A second vehicle also had two occupants within the vehicle.

The passenger of the second vehicle was severely entrapped and showed no signs life and was declared dead. The driver of the same vehicle sustained life threatening injuries and advanced life support paramedics from IPSS and Lenmed Ethekwini heart hospital worked to stabilize the man, who is believed to be an off-duty RTI officer. Unfortunately, shortly after advanced life support resuscitation was Initiated, the patient went into catdiac arrest and was declared deceased by paramedics.

It is alleged that the driver of the Audi lost control of his vehicle (which was heavily laden with cannabis) in the rain and collided with the on-coming bakkie.

Our condolences to the family, colleagues and friends of the RTI officer and passenger in his vehicle involved in this horrific accident.”

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