Authorities In Holland & San Francisco Reverse Closure Of Cannabis Retail & In Vegas Dispensaries Stay Open

They’ve worked out it’s the best way to keep people calm !


In Holland Grizzle report


The Dutch government has abandoned plans to force the country’s famous cannabis cafes to close their doors due to coronavirus fears.

Marijuana users queued around the block in various cities on Sunday in an effort to stockpile enough cannabis to see them through a lengthy lockdown. It came after the government ruled that the coffee shops would need to cease operations in order to help contain the rampaging coronavirus.

There have been more than 1,700 cases of COVID-19, the novel coronavirus, in the Netherlands, and at least 43 deaths. Prime Minister Mark Rutte has ushered in a period of “maximum control” in a bid to reduce the peak in infections and staggering those infections over a longer period.

One casualty of the policy was the famous coffee shops. Marijuana is technically illegal for recreational purposes in the Netherlands, but the authorities turn a blind eye to it, and illicit suppliers are allowed to wholesale cannabis to these coffee shops.

The Dutch government then decided to revise its quarantine measures on Monday night. It feared that closing all the cannabis cafes would lead to a spike in cannabis sales on the streets, and they began opening again.

However, consumers will not be allowed to linger and enjoy cannabis on the premises. They must buy it at the café and then take it home with them.


In San Francisco Fox KTVU reports…

SF marijuana dispensaries reopen during shelter-in-place order after city reverses decision

Following the closure of marijuana dispensaries and delivery services in San Francisco per the regionwide shelter-in-place order that began Tuesday in response to the novel coronavirus, city officials announced the businesses could reopen.

“The Department of Public Health today clarified that since marijuana has medical uses, dispensaries will be allowed to operate as essential businesses just as pharmacies are allowed to do,” Mayor London Breed said during a news conference at City Hall late Tuesday.

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In Las Vegas

Is marijuana essential? Dispensaries OK’d to stay open

Is marijuana essential during the coronavirus pandemic?

That seemed to be the question this morning as people flocked to Las Vegas-area dispensaries to stock up after Gov. Steve Sisolak ordered all nonessential businesses closed by noon today to help slow the spread of the virus.

The answer from the state: Yes.

“Licensed cannabis stores and medical dispensaries should only remain open if employees and consumers strictly adhere to the social distancing protocol,” the Nevada Health Response Center said in a statement today, essentially green-lighting dispensaries to continue operating.

The center, which was set up by the governor to disseminate coronavirus information, said it was encouraging customers to use delivery services and not congregate in stores.

In issuing his order Tuesday evening, Sisolak offered examples of essential businesses but did not specifically address marijuana dispensaries.

But Clark County Commissioner Tick Segerblom said that while he couldn’t say there’s been “a directive in writing,” he has “been told by the governors office that, yes, they will stay open.”


The Hartford Courant reports In Illinois

Dispensaries halt recreational weed sales as Illinois allows curbside delivery to medical users

Illinois will allow marijuana dispensaries to take orders from medical patients outside of their shops — at the curb, or in the parking lot — to reduce the spread of the new coronavirus.

Meanwhile, more dispensaries in Chicago have stopped recreational sales until further notice.

The state’s Department of Financial and Professional Regulation issued guidance Monday to dispensaries on how to help contain COVID-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus. Special effort is being made to protect medical patients, many of whom have compromised immune systems, but still need access to medical marijuana.

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