Cal. Code Regs., Tit. 16, §§ 5039, 5311, and 5415

Submission to Office of Administrative Law Date: February 3, 2020

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Bureau of Cannabis Control (Bureau) has submitted to the Office of Administrative Law (OAL), the proposed Quick Response (QR) Code Certificate Requirements emergency regulations necessary for the immediate preservation of the public peace, health, safety, or general welfare.

The Finding of Emergency and the proposed text are available for review on the Bureau’s website at:https://bcc.ca.gov/law_regs/cannabis_regs.html.


Once OAL posts notice of the proposed emergency rulemaking action on its website, any interested person will have five (5) calendar days to submit related comments to OAL as set forth in Government Code section 11349.6. The five-day comment period does not begin until the notice of filing of the proposed emergency regulations is posted by OAL on its website pursuant to California Code of Regulations, Title 1, section 55. Also, upon submission, OAL will have 10 calendar days within which to review and make a decision on the proposed adoption. You may view a list of emergency regulations under review on OAL’s website here:https://oal.ca.gov/emergency_regulations/emergency_regulations_under_review/

If you wish to comment on the proposed emergency regulations, you must submit your comment directly to OAL within five (5) calendar days of OAL’s posting of the proposed adoption on their website. You may submit comments on the proposed adoption to OAL at:

Mail: Office of Administrative Law

OAL Reference Attorney

300 Capital Mall, Suite 1250

Sacramento, CA 95814


E-mail: [email protected]

When you submit a comment to OAL, you must also submit a copy of your comment simultaneously to the Bureau at:

Mail: Bureau of Cannabis Control

2920 Kilgore Rd

Rancho Cordova, CA 95670


E-mail: [email protected]


OAL will confirm that the Bureau has received the comment before considering it. Pursuant to California Code of Regulations, Title 1, section 55(b)(1) through (4), the comment must state that it is about an emergency regulation currently under OAL review and include the topic of the emergency regulations.

Adoption of emergency regulations does not require response to comments. Any responses to comments from the Bureau will be submitted to OAL within eight (8) calendar days following the date of submission of the proposed emergency regulation to OAL, unless specific exceptions are applicable.

Inquiries concerning the proposed administrative action may be directed to:

Kaila Fayne

Phone: (916) 465-9120

Email: [email protected]

The backup contact person for these inquiries is:

Ashlynn Blackshire

Phone: (916) 465-9030

Email: [email protected]

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