Beginners Guide- How to Roll a Joint


This essential skill for smokers can be a little tricky at first to roll a joint. But once you master the skill, you’ll be ready to roll and light up whenever you want to smoke.

I will give you 3 basic steps with details and tips on how to roll a joint.


Smoking Papers
Smoking Papers

The first thing you will need to roll a joint is a grinder, rolling paper, a filter and some good cannabis. There are lots of papers out there like scented papers with many flavors, cellulose, blunt wraps, hemp paper and even organic papers. You can choose one that will go better with your taste and the one you find easier to roll up a joint in. You can try the others once you master the skill. I would have to advise you to buy smoking paper that you can find at a local smoke shop or at a gas station. You could use a piece of bubble gum paper but the best paper to roll a joint in is the one specifically designed for smoking purposes.

Grinding your weed
Step 1: Grinding your weed

After you’ve gathered all these materials, go ahead and grind enough weed to make your joint (about half a gram should do the trick). Remember that in order to roll a better joint, your weed must be finely grinded to avoid any clutters. If you don’t have a grinder available, you can use scissors to cut the weed into smaller pieces or your fingers as well to make the buds smaller. I’ve found that using fingers is a bit messy and the weed doesn’t break down as well as when using a grinder. If you will use a scissor, try to make the pieces as small as possible and use a sheet of paper or a flat surface to do this.


As with cigarettes, a joint needs a filter as well. Filters are also called tips. You can buy the filters in a smoke shop (they come in bags) or make one yourself using a little piece of carton or a business card and rolling it up. Making one is real easy. Just grab one end and roll it to the other end. You will put this filter on one end of the smoking paper before rolling up your joint.

Making a filter
Step 2: Making a filter


Once your weed is grinded and your filter is ready, you will place the grinded weed on the middle of the paper right where the line is. Take a close look at the paper since there is a side that has glue on it. That side will have to be facing you as you place the weed. You will have to distribute it evenly along the paper. Remember to put your filter on one side of the paper before rolling it up. You will need to use both your thumbs and index fingers to roll this baby up. Close the paper in half and use your thumbs and index fingers to distribute it evenly across the paper. You can roll it back and forth as well.

Rolling that Joint
Step 3: Rolling that Joint

This is the tricky part of this; tuck the side of the paper that doesn’t have the glue into the roll. Then lick the side that has the glue and hold the end that has the filter down to hold the joint in place. Work your way through the rest of the paper to roll it and seal it down as you go.

Rolling the paper
Rolling the paper

Once its all rolled up, go ahead and use a pen or a similar object to tackle or pack the joint and leave it even.

Pack the Joint
Pack the Joint

If you find this all too hard, you can also buy a joint roller which makes the task easier. But a proper weed smoker must know how to roll a joint, it’s cannabis 101! Don’t worry if your first ones don’t come out perfect. That’s completely normal.

Now all you will need is your lighter or matches and you are good to go! Light that baby up and enjoy! Practice makes perfect so remember to keep on practicing and become a master at rolling up a joint. Maybe in a few weeks you’ll be rolling up cool figures like crosses or spiders to smoke.

Lighting up a joint
Lighting up a cross joint

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