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Take a look at Lit Pharma’s top 3 performing sku’s. With everyone talking about CBD. There is not enough people talking about the right CBD and what CBD can really do to help someone. Join us for our first introduction video and see what we are about.

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In this short clip you will see the following sku’s:
(which can all be found on

1. Hawaiian Haze 3.5G CBD Flower- Lit Pharma
This strain is a special one, it contains 17.1% CBD and is a great morning strain to put you in the perfect mood for a long but good day ahead.

This Premium Hawaain Haze Strain is Organically Grown and Sourced From California, USA.
No Pesticides or Chemicals
Contains 17.1% CBD
Enriched Taste of Tropical Fruit
Sativa Like Experience
Reportedly Boost In Mood & Talkative Effect
Great Day Time Strain
Packed With Terps.
Top Sealed For Life Preservation & Freshness
Ready For You

2. Sour Space Candy 3.5G CBD Flower- Lit Pharma
This strain is what we like to call the perfect “lunch time strain” the reason we like to call is that is because this stain is a huge mood booster. Everyone has tough days and to take this strain mid day can reach enhance your mood and help you cap off the other half of your day strong!

This Premium Top of the Shelf Strain Is Sourced From the USA
No Pestisides or Chemicals
Contains 16.67% CBD
Another Tropical Tasting Strain That Will Have Your Mouth Watering
Up LIfting and Happy Feeling
Great for Getting In A Good Mood
Great Mid Day Strain
Packed With Terps.
Top Sealed for Preservation & Freshness
Ready to Roll

3. Elektra 3.5G CBD Flower-Lit Pharma
Last but not least this CBD strain is a fan favorite because it helps you relax after a long day and get the restful sleep you deserve. Many people across the globe have a hard time sleeping and this could be the perfect alternative for them to get their eight hours of deep sleep!

This Premium Top Quality Strain Is Sourced From New York, USA
No Pesticides or Chemicals
18.96% CBD
A Sweat Citrus Flavor With A Hint of An Earthly Touch
Great Night Time Strain For A Mellow/Relaxing Mood
End The Day With A Less Tense Feeling
Top Sealed for Preservation & Freshness
Ready For A Nice Night


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