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Best Weed Of 2017 And the Strongest Weed Strains

Sprouting cannabis seeds with The Soil King using The Amazing Doctor Zymes product. Featuring the infamous Soil King Signature strains M-80, Cheezle, Ghost Chronic as well as more from High Country Genetics, SoHum Seeds, DNA Genetics and many more!

It’s that time of year again for you outdoor growers. From February to as long as May. The longer you wait the smaller the plants. Soak them for a day or two then put the good ones in a paper wet towel then into the closet until they hatch. Then I put them into the soil. I mix one bag of Big ROOTZ to one bag of Black Gold Seedling Mix. Put them in deep small pots then into the greenhouse. I don’t use supplemental lighting, just natural organic lighting throughout the intire grow cycle. Just my style. Only with seeds not clones. Clones need supplemental lighting or the will flower with the hours of light out side from now to may 15th. Some people use supplemental lighting with seeds also, not me.

We showcase the Best weed 2017 strains. The best edibles of 2017. We will not let you down. So get some trees and light up solo or toke with a bud 🍃🍃🍃

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