Campaign to Legalize Adult-Use Cannabis in Arkansas Renews Efforts to Place Initiative on 2020 Ballot


A campaign seeking to place an adult-use cannabis legalization initiative on Arkansas’ 2020 ballot has renewed its signature gathering efforts after a recent court ruling that allows petitioners to collect signatures remotely, according to an Arkansas Democrat Gazette report.

Arkansas True Grass, one of two groups supporting proposed constitutional amendments to legalize adult-use cannabis in the state, announced last week that it was abandoning efforts to place its initiative on the 2020 ballot, instead focusing on qualifying the measure in 2022. The group had been unable to continue collecting signatures due to the COVID-19 pandemic and is up against a July 3 deadline to collect nearly 90,000 signatures to qualify its initiative for this year’s ballot.

However, a May 25 federal court ruling allows campaigns to gather signatures remotely, Arkansas Democrat Gazette reported, which has prompted Arkansas True Grass to renew its efforts.

“We’re going to keep trying for it, and if we fail, we have 2022 as a backup,” Briana Boling, one of the campaign’s organizers, told the news outlet.

Arkansans for Cannabis Reform is looking to bring a competing adult-use cannabis legalization measure to the state’s 2020 ballot and also plans to continue its efforts.

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