Cannabis Certification Council to Release Draft of Organically Grown Cannabis (OG) Standard for Public Comment


PRESS RELEASE – The Organically Grown Cannabis (OG) standard by the Cannabis Certification Council (CCC) has now reached the critical public phase.

With the support of the OGC Technical Advisory Committee, the CCC has now made the first draft of the OGC standard available for public review and comment. The draft standard is available via request and via the website. The OG standard is designed as the baseline organic standard for legal commercial cannabis producers around the world. In addition to the standard itself, the Council is developing a unique seal that consumers will be able to easily identify in retail environments and that will deter fraud in the marketplace.

“The OG seal will be the first of its kind in the cannabis marketplace, offering consumers heretofore unprecedented transparency and assurance about the quality and origin of their product,” said Rudy Ellenbogen, CEO of Whole Grow and Technical Advisory Committee member.

The comment period will remain open for six weeks, at which point all comments will be reviewed and considered for publication in the final version of the OG standard, expected to be published this October. Public review and input before completion of a standard is protocol in the creation of any meaningful certification. Six weeks is ample time for thorough public consideration and feedback.

“The CCC is dedicated to educating both the industry and consumers about clean, sustainable production and this milestone in the development of the OG standard is a great benchmark of our success. Organic demand outpaces supply and there’s no reason to believe the same won’t be true in cannabis,” said Amy Andrle, CCC board member and owner of L’Eagle Services, a vertically integrated cannabis company in Denver, Colo.

The OG Certification has been developed by the Cannabis Certification Council with the founding support of L’Eagle Services, CG Courigan, Boveda, House of Cultivar and Whole Grow.

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