With 40,000 Americans Incarcerated for Marijuana Offenses, the Cannabis Industry Needs to Step Up, Activists Said This Week

An estimated 40,000 people today are incarcerated for marijuana offenses even as: the overall legal cannabis industry is booming; one state after another is legalizing; and cannabis companies are making healthy profits. That discrepancy is dead wrong, …

‘Big Bang Theory’ Actor Creagen Dow On His Unique Cannabis Ashtray: It’s One Of A Kind

He makes just one product: an odor-proof, heat-resistant, pet-friendly, ash and resin removing ashtray with a lid. As you might imagine, making this one thing means it’s done right. In fact, Creagen believes there are no competitors for his ashtray. “I…

Seven Steps to Manage Your Marketing During A Crisis

Let’s talk about crisis communications, shall we? Have you been struggling with how to manage your marketing during a crisis? If so, then you’re in the right place. Throughout the year, there are different types of events that should make us pause and review our marketing.  The recent and most extreme event we have seen […]

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Aurora Cannabis is Laying Off Huge Swath of Workforce and Shutting Five Facilities

25% of administrative, sales and 30% of its production staff going. Aurora Cannabis on Tuesday announced a new round of staff reductions and plans to shut five facilities over the next two quarters, as the COVID-19 pandemic pummels the cash-crunched ca…

Episode 311 – How Biden Could Handle Marijuana Legalization

Andrew Livingston joins host Kris Krane to talk about how presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden could handle cannabis legalization if elected president as well as an update on how some of the nation’s larger multistat…

Is Croatia Trying to Legalize Recreational Cannabis?

Like many EU countries, Croatia has been slowly changing its laws to allow for greater legal (or at least decriminalized) cannabis use. However, earlier this year, some in Croatia’s government got a bit impatient, attempting to jump steps in order to legalize recreational cannabis. Two of the legal acts that govern drug law in Croatia […]

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