Germany Leads EU in Cannabis Oil Imports…and Exports

In 2019, Germany led the EU in both cannabis oil imports and exports, and not by small numbers. The Germans are proving themselves to be big cannabis users, and big cannabis producers as well. When it comes to the cannabis market, the EU is a large and growing market of consumers which doesn’t produce as […]

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The Potential of CBD and Cannabis Within the Anxiety and Autism Community

With the stigma of cannabis fading by the day, more families are exploring treatments that are more accessible and less pharmaceutical. The autism community is (literally) buzzing over several recent studies showing that cannabis and CBD-based products…

CBD Oil and CBD Tincture: What’s the Difference?

CBD Oil CBD Tincture

A few years ago, there were only a few options when it came to products that contained CBD. Now, you can find CBD oils and tinctures, CBD edibles, drinks, bath bombs, topicals and so much more. It can be confusing knowing which option you should choose. One of the most common questions when it comes to CBD is: What […]

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Thailand Rolls Out Cannabis Clinics Based on Traditional Medicine

Hundreds receive free oil at opening of centre. Thailand has opened its first full-time cannabis clinics, which will offer traditional remedies based on the drug. The two new centres in Bangkok will also offer alternative cannabis-based medicine, which…

THC Vape Juice Canada


Cannabis Oil is a popular cannabis commodity in Canada. The reason is due to the potency, quality and consistency of these concentrated oils. In this article we will look at the quality and service of a Canadian-based cannabis oil processor, Oranje Pharma. They offer quality THC Vape juice and even CBD Vape oils. What is […]

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Kush in the Kitchen: What to Know When Cooking With Cannabis

Pat Newton has been experimenting with cannabis-infused cooking for more than 15 years. The Toronto-based chef and founder of cannabis company Munchy Brothers has made avocado toast, mojito cocktails, cricket brownies, and an entire Thanksgiving turkey…

Just Add Oil: Stoney Creek Cannabis Company Develops Creative Sales Model

Earth Kisses Sky sells herbal salve mixtures and its clients add their own cannabis oil at home. Cannabis topicals just became legal in Canada in October, but that hasn’t stopped two local entrepreneurs from selling their weed-inspired pain and skin sa…