The Evolution Of Farm To Table For Cannabis & Hemp: Interview with Niko Uman Borrero founder & CEO of Green Bee Farms

“My goals,” he explains, “are to bring regenerative cannabis to the market, to bring true medicine to the people where organic is organic. Where our fertilizers and our feeds are sourced within 250 miles from the farm, and to make our brand known as a truly holistic company.” 

Cannabis Testing + Branding = Business Building

From a branding and marketing standpoint, I’m convinced that until we bridge the science of the medical market with the consumer’s experience in the recreational market, ignorance will linger and the market will plateau with over-saturated brands and buzzwords that deflate the meaning of efficacy. As an example, look at the bubble of CBD in the last year to see consumers swooning over science that is yet to be regulated and false or misleading packaging that profligates on shelves across the US.

MCUA (Medicinal Cannabis Users Association Australia) survey says prescribed medical cannabis is expensive, difficult to get hold of and training of medical professionals minimal.

The current dissatisfaction rate with the delivery system of medical cannabis in Australia according to the MCUA survey is a whopping 86%. Also, it’s not unusual for appointments to cost patients anything between $100 & $1000 just to discuss the possibility of getting a prescription from a medical professional who is likely as not to be trained properly to make an informed decision anyway.

NZ: Medical Kiwi Partners With UK distributors Liberty Herbal Technologies Ltd, producer of medicinal cannabis inhaler technology and Vitality CBD Limited

Medicinal cannabis products are just a legalisation away since New Zealand company, Medical Kiwi has partnered with two overseas companies.

Australia: Roy Morgan Survey Says Australians Don’t Want The Federal Govt To Rescind ACT Cannabis Legislation

It’s as about as clear as can be. Will the incumbent Federal Govt pay attention or just keep the blinkers on? A special Roy Morgan online survey shows more than three-fifths of Australians (62%) don’t want the Federal Government to overturn the new ACT law decriminalising cannabis for personal use, which is set to come into effect in 2020. This is well over double the percentage who says they do want the Federal Government to step in (27%), while 11% can’t say either way.

The NSW Government is investing $3 million into a ground-breaking medicinal cannabis industry study, following the unveiling of a cannabis research facility in regional NSW.

The industry-led study is a collaboration between the NSW and Australian Governments, medicinal cannabis research company Cann Group Ltd, agriculture technology company Aglive, Southern Cross University and the University of Newcastle.