CBD Flower (The Best CBD Flower To Buy In 2019)


I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and effect of these CBD Flowers. The 1oz bag of Pineberry has 12.1% CBD, CBDa, CBG, and CBN. Cannabinoids vary by batch. The Pineberry is definitely my favorite strain. ✅Don’t Forget To Use Our Coupon Code: BESTDOSAGE

If Cascadia is sold out of Pineberry I would go with:

1. Special Sauce: http://bit.ly/30qTzuj
2. Sour Space Candy: http://bit.ly/2VB1yS5
3. Elektra: http://bit.ly/2EgkMX3

CBD Flower Hemp Top breakdown by Cascadia Blooms: This company has a great story…

“Ringo’s Gift” (ACDC x Harle-Tsu) has won multiple awards for its sharply sappy, Douglas fir terpene profile and high oil content. The line was originally developed by Lawrence Ringo before his passing.
Ringo’s Gifts pleasantly loud terpenes crossed with Early Resin Berry sweetens and expands the flavor profile to produce, “Pineberry”. These tops have high terpene content resin, making this hybrid a contender for the highest CBD oil yields around.

See Cascadia Blooms full CBD Flower line here: https://www.cascadiablooms.com/direct/store/

✅Don’t Forget To Use Our Coupon Code: BESTDOSAGE


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