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CBD NYC Promotes Cannabis Education and Quality Products

Come Back Daily

Interests in the medical and health applications of cannabis have increased due to  expanding legalization across various states. However, many of the false information surrounding cannabis use is still being disseminated in various media due to the influencing legacy of the “war on drugs”. This presents a misleading view of cannabis to the public.

Even among cannabis enthusiasts, some myths about CBD still persist. Additionally, the lack of standard in cannabis production means that quality and quantity of active ingredients varies from one manufacturer to another. 

Come Back Daily (CBD) NYC aims to provide proper cannabis education and showcase quality products.

Introducing Come Back Daily NYC

Come Back Daily is an NYC-based CBD education and product hub. Come Back Daily was established to educate the public about CBD and its safe use for the management of various conditions.

At CBD New York we disseminate accurate and helpful information about Cannabidiol while showcasing carefully selected products.

To achieve our goals, we have a discovery bar in each of our NYC locations. There, shoppers and visitors can learn more about CBD uses and benefits,  and available products. Also, our experienced staff can help visitors with product sampling. 

Our dedicated bar provides the right environment for learning about Cannabidiol and related products.

In our hub, you will get accurate and helpful information about CBD while having access to carefully selected high-quality CBD products for recreation or health use.

How CBD NYC was Born

Come Back Daily was started by a team with a grand vision. Having closely observed the positive effects of CBD, the founders become convinced that such knowledge should be spread to the wider community. 

With this goal in mind, cofounders, Steven Phan and Waseem Ghattas launched Come Back Daily in 2018 to contribute to a healthier public.

Even with loosening regulations, CBD is not always positively represented in the media. Thus, CBD NYC realized that the public doesn’t just need CBD products but must also be educated. 

How Come Back Daily Shelves are Stocked

There are so many CBD products out there for an average consumer to choose from. Rather than let consumers browse through countless brands to find what they want, CBD New York took it upon itself to curate products and save you valuable time.


If you are interested in quality, you will find our collections interesting. Working with transparent brands with shared values, we ensure that selected products are tested by third-party labs before we vouch for them with shelf space. We believe quality CBD products are a necessity for the development of the industry as a whole.

Our careful selection process hasn’t gone unnoticed, we are well-known in NYC for supplying non-psychoactive cannabis to consumers. To date, Come Back Daily has served thousands of customers.

What’s in a Come Back Daily Event?

Our events provide an opportunity to ask pertinent questions and learn more about CBD products.

Not only will you gain more industry knowledge, but you can also participate in our complimentary yoga, fashion, food and other activities.

We promote CBD through these events while connecting consumers of similar interests.

Need to host a meeting?

No problem, our bar can also serve as a good location for your meetings and events.

Being a local business, we value our customers and cherish the relationship that we have developed with suppliers and the local community. We share in the enthusiasm of other cannabis proponents in its safe use for adults.

You will feel at home in any of our locations no matter your enquiry or CBD needs.

Media Recognition and Awards

Our advocacy for responsible cannabis usage and positive contribution to the industry has earned us recognition such as the best CBD company at the NORML Awards.

Cofounder Steven Phan is a thought leader in the cannabis space. He has been featured in top media publications including Crains NY, Gotham Gazette and Business Insider. He also attends various conferences and summits where he shares his insights on the growth of the cannabis industry.

CBD NYC has created a conducive hub for shopping and learning about CBD products. Take advantage of these hubs by visiting any of our locations.

Come Back Daily has 3 locations in New York, they are:

Canal St

East Village

Columbus Circle/Underground 

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