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Charlotte’s Web CBD VS Endoca – Which is Better?

This is an in-depth review of Charlotte’s web CBD versus Endoca. Both CBD brands are reputable and offer high-quality CBD products. In this article, we have placed these two brands side by side and broken down different key elements to see which brand stands out. From our analysis, it appears that Charlotte’s web has the upper hand, even though both brands cut the threshold for top-rated CBD companies.

Let’s dive in.


Charlotte’s Web CBD is a popular CBD brand with an interesting story. It was founded in 2011 by the six Stanley brothers and was popularized by the case of Charlotte Figi which was aired on CNN in 2013. Charlotte’s web is driven by a commitment to bettering the planet and the people living in it. With such a moving background, there are many positives about this company. Only a few loose ends need to be tidied up.

Endoca CBD is a popular CBD brand that’s built upon the story one man- Henry Vincenti. Endoca has built a reputable CBD brand that sells across Europe and the United States. The website claims that Endoca was the first company to sell CBD online. This company has a great following and maintains a five-star rating on Trust Pilot- with over 3500 reviews.

What’s Charlotte’s Web Mission?

Charlotte’s web mission is “to better the planet and the people living upon it.”

What’s Endoca’s Mission?

Endoca’s mission is to “prove that humanity can live in balance without having to poison (ourselves) and the world around us.

Where Does Charlotte’s Web Source Its Hemp?

Charlotte’s web sources all of its hemp from boutique farms in the US that use organic farming practices. The CBD is then extracted using supercritical carbon dioxide filtration to obtain a full-spectrum extract.

Where Does Endoca Source Its Hemp?

Endoca sources all its hemp from Denmark. The hemp is organic and non- GMO. Endoca extracts CBD using a supercritical CO2 extraction process to ensure the highest quality of hemp oil.

What Does Charlotte’s Web Sell?

Charlotte’s web sells a several CBD products that come in different sizes and strengths.

Here is a breakdown of their products:

  1. Full-spectrum CBD oils in four different flavors: mint, chocolate, olive oil, and orange blossom and lemon twist. They come in different concentrations, from 7mg CBD/mL to 60mg CBD/mL
  2. CBD Capsules 15mg & 25mg
  3. 4 Types of CBD gummies: sleep, calm, recovery, and pet chews
  4. CBD isolate with 29mg CBD per 1mL serving
  5. CBD Topicals: hemp-infused cream and hemp-infused balm
  6. CBD for dogs: full-spectrum oil, chews, and balm

What Does Endoca Sell?

Endoca sells a wide range of hemp derived CBD products that come in different sizes and strengths.

Here is a breakdown of their products:

  1. CBD Oil (raw and heated) full-spectrum in two strengths: 30mg & 150mg
  2. CBD Cream that is all-natural and infused with shea butter, coconut oil, and vanilla
  3. CBD Edibles – chewing gum
  4. CBD Capsules- both raw and heated. They come in concentrations of 10mg and 50mg per capsule
  5. CBD Crystals which offer the purest form of CBD- 99% pure
  6. CBD Suppository
  7. CBD Extract
  8. CBD for Dogs and Cats in the form of oils and extracts


What Does Charlotte’s Web Do Well?

  1. They offer third-party testing for each product

Charlotte’s web takes every batch of their products through third-party testing and posts each result on their website. This is a great show of commitment to quality and transparency

  1. They are patriotic

Charlotte’s web excels at being patriotic. They have a veteran program that gives 15% discounts to all US veterans.

  1. The sell high-quality CBD products

The quality of Charlotte’s web products is above board. From where the hemp is sourced to how it is extracted and prepared, everything is geared towards a high-quality end product. The mission of the company is also sound; they are committed to a greater good.

  1. Offer free shipping on purchases exceeding $74. Shipping takes 7 business days
  2. Website is easy to navigate and the blog is highly informative

Areas In Need of Improvement

Charlotte’s web offers a limited selection of CBD products. They could improve on variety, strengths, and flavors of their products.

What Does Endoca Do Well?

  1. They Offer a Wide Range of Products

Endoca offers eight different CBD categories that come in different strengths. This allows customers to pick the product that best suits their needs and lifestyle. They go a step further to offer CBD suppositories which is a rare product in the CBD market

  1. Great reviews

Endoca has a five star rating on Trust pilot based on over 3,500 reviews

  1. High-quality CBD products

Endoca offers high quality CBD products. This is based on where the hemp is sourced from, how the CBD is extracted and prepared and quality reports which are available on the website.

  1. Offer free shipping on purchases exceeding $74. Shipping takes 3-5 business days. They also offer expedited shipping and worldwide shipping
  2. Website is easy to navigate and they have a highly informative blog

 Areas In Need Of Improvement

Endoca does many things well. What they need to spruce up is their charitable arm. They could have a veteran program or any other program that shows that they are giving back to society.

Final Verdict: Endoca Wins

In conclusion, Charlotte’s web and Endoca are both reputable CBD companies that offer high quality CBD products. However, Charlotte’s web has a narrow selection of products and fewer reviews. Endoca on the other hand has an innovative and expansive selection of products. The two companies compete equally in terms of product quality and pricing.