Community Update for our StayHighFam

Where we’re at right now:

Pass & Paint and Cannabis Tours have recently had to suspend almost all operations due to the quarantines surrounding Covid-19. Our first goal is first and foremost to always keep our customers safe and healthy, and provide them with a legal and safe environment in which to consume cannabis and enjoy the 420-friendly community and our events.

Digital Classes and Experiences right to your home!

What can we do now to help during this stressful time?

It turns out that the place to do that is now your home, so we’re coming to YOU, by offering a multiple of online classes on our social media pages. You can join us for Puff, Pass & Paint, Crafting with Cannabis classes, Cannabis Cooking, growing and hash-making sessions, virtual dispensary tours, and much much more! Join us on our Facebook pages (links) and on our Instagrams (@@) to follow along for free classes and events every single day!

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