Daily High Club Subscription Box Review | Excellent Value 420 Box

Daily High Club Subscription Box Review | Excellent Value 420 Box

There was a time when some of the best 420 subscription boxes were in demand. That was the time when you could hardly find a subscription box dedicated to smokers. In contrast, nowadays, you can find several subscription boxes with a unique concept.

Daily High Club offers subscription boxes specially designed by weed smokers for weed connoisseurs.

They have different types of subscription boxes, which include specially curated smoking accessories. The American company is famous for making boxes to cater to every kind of smoker.

There are three different types of Daily High Club boxes, depending upon your choice.

The ‘All Natural’ box comes only at $1.00 per month, which includes some essential smoking items.

The second box, ‘Connoisseur,’ is specifically meant for well-versed smokers.

El Primo is one of the most famous boxes by Daily High Club. Each month there will be a different theme, which includes some customized goodies and fancy packaging. The box costs $29.99 per month with free shipping.

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Why is Daily High Club Popular?

This question might cross your mind, why is Daily High Club so famous among smokers? The reason behind its popularity is the excellent value of money, which is why smokers prefer Daily High Club over other cannabis subscription boxes.

Daily High Club provides the best value for money to its customers, as their boxes are quite cheaper than other companies. Despite the lesser prices, their products are always high-quality, and they don’t compromise on the packaging.

Daily High Club has excellent customer service, which allows you to return packages as well. Moreover, you can cancel your subscription at any point without paying a cent.

They deliver not only in the US but in other countries as well. Of course, it takes some shipping amount, but receiving your smoking essentials on your doorstep makes the experience worth it.

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Reviews on Daily High Club Subscription Box

We will review all three boxes to let you guys know which one is better and why.


1. All Natural Box

daily high club all naturalThe All Natural box is the most basic subscription box, which costs only $1.00 per month. This box is ideal for every smoker as it includes all the basic items you must need. If you light one joint each day, your items will last a month.

The box contains four items, including RAW papers, filter tips, organic bee wick, and matchbook, so you never run out of the essentials. For a dollar, this box is a steal for sure.


2. Connoisseur Box

Connoisseur daily high clubThe Connoisseur box is mainly for new-school and well-versed smokers. It has all the essentials and some novelty products. Besides the rolling papers, lights, and filter tips you get every month, it may include drape cones and some other similar items,

The Connoisseur box comes with nine products, including a doob tube, organic bee wick, juicy jay, pre-rolled cones, rolling papers, lighters, and some different stuff. For a complete box, paying $9.99 per month seems like a fair deal.


3. El Primo Box

El primo daily high club

El Primo is the Daily High Club’s most sought-after subscription box. The best thing about this box is, you will receive different theme boxes every month. If you are a kind of person who loves surprises, you will definitely love it.

One thing that is common is a glass pipe, which you will receive every month. Other than that, everything will be different according to the theme of the month. If you would like to receive the previous month’s box, you can order that as well.

As the El Primo box is the biggest subscription box by Daily High Club, it contains more than ten items. The box may include a glass pipe, two different kinds of rolling papers, bee wick, special edition lighter, doob tube, filter tips, Darshan incense with a holder, and pipe cleaners. Each box also contains some cool DHC stickers.

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Pros of Daily High Club Subscription Box

Here are some of the advantages of subscribing to the Daily High Club box.


  • Access to Premium Supplies

It is not always easy to get access to premium supplies as sometimes they get sold faster. Other times, they are available on a double price tag making your chances of getting it minimal. If you are kind of a person who loves to receive premium items, you should subscribe to it so you can receive it at your doorstep.


  • No Smoking Supplies

There are chances that you won’t find some smoking essentials in your area. If you separately order them, you have to pay more. So, it is better to save money by subscribing to the Daily High Club box and get access to all the supplies as well.


  • As a Present

Who doesn’t like receiving gifts? If you have a friend who’s a weed smoker, Daily High Club has the best stoner accessories on offer. You can either send him an El Primo box or order some smoking accessories from the website.


  • Affordable

We have already shared the fact that Daily High Club subscription boxes are available at very affordable prices. In addition, the price you pay for the El Primo box is just $29.99 per month, whereas the actual cost of the products it accompanies is $80, if you buy them separately. The same is the case with other boxes; therefore, they are worth the money.

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Cons of Daily High Club Subscription Box

While you get tons of benefits from subscribing to the box, there are some disadvantages as well. We have listed them below.


  • Packaging

The first thing a person notices when he receives a parcel is packaging. Daily High Club sends the boxes in a plain brown box that resembles a shoebox. It sometimes becomes a major turn-off for a customer and doesn’t go in favor of the company when other brands go off the limit with the packaging.


  • Chances of Breaking Glass

There are some items included in the box which are made of glass. Although they are nicely wrapped in a bubble-wrap, in case of shipping outside the US, there are high chances of them getting broken.

If your glass piece comes broken, Daily High Club takes full responsibility for it and offers an exchange, but it can take a long time.


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What About Some Discount?

Well, who doesn’t like to save some bucks? Daily High Club offers some discounts to its customers. If you buy the six-month subscription of El Primo box at once, you will get the box for $27.5 per month instead of $29.99.

This offer is valid for El Primo boxes only; you won’t receive a discount if you buy an early subscription of the other two boxes. Moreover, if you use any Daily High Club discount code, you will receive some extra discount as well.

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Wrapping-up with the Daily High Club Subscription Box

Daily High Club box is one of the best 420 subscription boxes in the US.

The boxes contain a good variety of cannabis products available at affordable prices.

It is undoubtedly a great way to stock up your favorite smoking products in a discrete way.

Overall, the El Primo box is our personal favorite. You will get all the products of All Natural box and Connoisseur box with some additional products as well.

However, the packaging is quite basic, which won’t let others know what you have ordered. If you are in the US, we highly recommend you to try it out.

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