Don't Buy CBD Until You See This! A Crash Course & Truth about CBD, CBG & Cannabinoids!


Mass amounts of CBD products are hitting the market from emerging companies like Feals CBD, Level Select CBD, Sunsoil CBD, & Garden of Life CBD. How does one know what to look for and how to know they are getting the best possible product for their money? WATCH THIS FIRST!
A Candid and Hard Hitting Discussion from Hempworx CMO Jenna Zwagil and Chief Science Officer Dr. James Sharkey.

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Bullet Point/Topics and timestamps below for easier navigation!

5:30 Dr James Sharky Credentials/Background

9:07 The Truth about CBD and the Endo-Cannabinoid System (ECS) and how it works

10:40 CB1 & CB2 The difference and their interaction with CBD

11:15 History of our knowledge of the ECS

12:30 Why we need CBD in our system

13:24 Natural CBD vs Pharmaceutical CBD/Isolate

14:20 What to look for before buying CBD to know its Reputable & Safe!
1. Companies Marketing/ Compliance
2. COA (Certificates of Analysis)
3. Hyping unsupported claims

15:59 Compliance/Why Companies hide info?

16:41 COA transparency or lack thereof & why it’s important

17:42 What to look for in a COA for red flags
1. ND
2. Less than LOQ

18:14 FDA and what is to come:

19:19 Hempworx Quality controls/quality of product/testing vs others in market

20:51 How do you read a COA, what’s it all mean?

1. Lot #
2. Cannabanoid Potency 14-16 and more to come (ND,Less than LOQ or MG/ML)
3. Other cannabinoids present
4. Residual Content Section for “extras” that shouldn’t be in there

23:37 Break down of Broad Spectrum vs. Full Spectrum vs.Isolate pros/cons

25:40 CBG/CBN/CBC & Various Isolates vs Spectrums

27:30 Isolates more effective to less effective than spectrums?

28:16 Therapeutic ranges and ease of use of isolates vs spectrums

29:48 Marketing Hype what is real, true, fact or fiction?
1. 30:25 NanoCBD/Nanotechnology?
2. 38:26 Lyposomal/Lypotechnology in CBD (Mainly Pharmaceutical Uses) 43.01 Summary/Conclusion

34:20 Physiology has a lot to do with the effects of Cannabinoids and versions of them

35:25 Do people build tolerance or resistancy to CBD? Why do people have different effects?

37:26 Can I take too much CBD?

43:47 BioAvailability (The oil/water soluble test) Hype/Truth/Facts / What is the best delivery system?
48:20 Summary/Conclusion

50:12 Carrier oils, which are best?
47:42 MCT vs Hemp Oil

52:46 What to look for in the extraction process for high quality CBD
1) Residual content on COA
51:10 Summary/Conclusion/

55:20 Co2 Extraction discussion

56:26 Most effective CBD oil?
1. High Quality Delivery System
2. Purest Ingredients
3. A Company that stand behind it without Hype

58:55 The Future of CBD products/FDA Involvement/Compliance


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