DR+SWISS Premium CBD Oil


Whether for wellness, chronic illness, work-related stress, anxiety, or overall, general, mental and physical well-being, our FULL SPECTRUM and ISO compliant CBD oil products could be just what you need to set out on the path towards wellness – one drop at a time.

Complete wellness is more attainable than ever thanks to DR+SWISS. We source the finest-grown cannabis crops in Europe and employ the latest in extraction technology to create the purest FULL SPECTRUM CBD oil available. Thorough third-party testing and ISO compliance ensure absolute, premium quality with each drop that is free of any adverse side effects. Our products are available in a range different concentrations, for a range of different needs: 3%, 5%, 10%, 15%, 20% and 30%.

Get set on your path to complete wellness and start experiencing the benefits of CBD. Order your DR+SWISS today.


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