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Everything you need to know about CBD seeds

Cannabis seeds CBD

The cannabis industry is really booming in the last several years. The companies are making big bucks from products such as joints, bongs, medical marijuana, hemp items, CBD beauty products such as CBD creams, oils, serums, but also from CBD seeds. While the regular customers might not be interested in the seeds as much, they are crucial for other marijuana growers.

you might not know this, there is a big market for cannabis

A lot of companies are experimenting with interesting cannabis strains, and they are willing to share them with other marijuana growers. Hybrid cannabis seeds are really popular as they allow you to grow new and exciting without having to invest resources in developing them. Also, by buying a baggie with CBD seeds, you are able to grow your favorite cannabis strain in your garden.

Here are some of the main things you need to know about CBD seeds. Check it out!

Cannabis seeds
Hemp seed close-up (cannabis)

of CBD seeds

are 3 main types of CBD seeds on the market: regular seeds, feminized
seeds, and autoflowering seeds.

Regular seeds are common, but not the most popular seeds. When you
buy a pack of regular ones, you will get both male and female seeds.
This is far from ideal. You see, if you have both male and female
plants in your garden, male plants will start pollinating females,
which in turn will lead to more seeds. Instead, you need to avoid
pollination as this is how females produce flowers, which are later
on used to create cannabis joints. Most growers will remove male
seeds in order to avoid any potential pollination. So, if you do
decide to use them, you have to accept the fact that half of your
yield will be useless.

Given that regular seeds are flawed, the companies started developing
a better approach. This is how we got feminized seeds. As you can
tell, based on the name, the package includes only female seeds. That
way, you don’t have to hassle and remove male plants. It is much more
efficient, which is why the majority of producers opt for these

we have autoflowering seeds. Now, these are not necessarily a type of
seeds, but instead, they are specific strains that live in harsh
environments. So, why are they called autoflowering? This is because
the strains can survive and thrive in almost any climate. Even if
they don’t get enough sunlight, they will be able to bear flowers.
This makes them ideal for newbie growers as well as for a harsh, cold
environment. The biggest drawback of autoflowering seeds is that they
don’t provide the same yield as the traditional cannabis plants.

seeds should you buy?

CBD types, you also have to learn more about CBD strains when making
a purchasing decision.

It all depends on what you want to grow and how much space you have.
The majority of growers usually opt for several different strains. We
can categorize marijuana strains into Indicas, Sativas, and Hybrids.
Indicas are usually relaxing and are great for reducing stress. On
the other hand, Sativas are uplifting and are great for use during a
day. Hybrids have a mixture of Sativa and Indica characteristics.
Today, a lot of companies grow hybrids, as this allows them to put
the focus on desirable attributes while downplaying undesirable

Another thing you need to consider is the reason why you’re growing

If you’re a small producer who’s growing cannabis for personal
consumption, it is best to get strains that you like. People who are
into CBD marijuana should get strains that have proven to be
beneficial for health (or they can simply go for hemp). Lastly, you
can go with strains that give the highest yield and the largest
potential profit.

Growing indoors or outdoors can also impact your decision. Plants
that grow really big are much better for outdoor growing (in other
words, Sativas). Indicas are much smaller, thus better for indoor
growing. Keep in mind that indoor growth allows you to have a
controlled environment, which is why you can have several yields
during a yield. But, it also requires a much heftier initial


on where you live, CBD seeds can also cause certain legal issues. For
example, the US Federal Law prohibits usage of cannabis in any shape
or form (even though your state might allow it). So, if you’re buying
CBD seeds from abroad, you will have to buy them from the companies
that are used to smuggling these goods. Otherwise, the customs office
will confiscate them.

No matter what, it is important to learn more about possible legal ramifications before you buy these products. Only then can you start your growing process the right way.

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