Everything You Need to Know when Traveling with Cannabis

You visit a country or state where weed is legal, you enjoy yourself tremendously, but now it’s time to go home. You still have a little left, but you hesitate to throw it away thinking it is a waste. You start thinking about taking it home with you. Surely that’s not going to be a problem as long as you don’t get caught or use it, right? Let’s hit pause for a minute and talk about the important details you need to know about traveling with cannabis.

In the eyes of the federal government, cannabis is still considered illegal, but more than 30 states have lifted the ban and regulated cannabis use, production, and transportation for either medical or adult-use. In most cases, possession by an adult of legal age in a state with legalized marijuana is limited to an ounce. But the restrictions, when it comes to transporting marijuana, are a different matter entirely.

Flying with Weed

If you plan to fly and bring marijuana with you, it’s important to remember that airports are under the jurisdiction of the FAA, a federal agency and they’re very clear that cannabis in any form is not at all permitted on any aircraft. The most conservative approach is just to leave your products at home. It is best to play it safe.

Having said that, the TSA does not actively search for cannabis in travelers and many travelers are using cannabis for legitimate medical reasons. Agents are trained to look for dangerous items such as weapons or explosives. If they do find evidence of cannabis, they may refer the issue to a police officer but I have heard many stories of people having their cannabis discovered by a TSA agent, but they were not referred to the police. It’s just not a high priority in terms of security. Cannabis cannot take down an airplane. If you try to bring marijuana with you on your flight and you are caught, you will be dealt with the local authorities, not the federal government. If it happens in states with very rigid laws regarding marijuana, most likely you will be arrested, but it is a rare occurrence and it’s easy to store your cannabis in a way that it is not detected.

If you insist on bringing cannabis in your flight, and you are brave enough to try your luck at the airport, take it in the form of oil, capsules, or vape cartridges. Put it in a clear Ziploc bag and store it with your toiletries together with your other medications. I suggest folding a paper towel and placing it in the bag to catch oil in case a tincture bottle breaks or opens. It’s unadvisable to bring buds or flowers unto a flight but it can be done. Placing a small amount in a sealed plastic bag and placing in an altoids container, for example, is a method many travelers use.

In states where marijuana is legal like California, Colorado, and Massachusetts, local authorities are tasked with the security of the airport and thus bringing cannabis may not lead to an arrest if you are caught with marijuana, provided it doesn’t exceed an ounce.

By Car 

The best option for traveling with weed is on the road. In states where weed is permissible, carrying up to an ounce is perfectly fine. It is, however, required that you store the weed, in whatever form, in a sealed container and place it where the driver can’t access it. Many travelers pack cannabis that is less than an ounce, store it in a sealed jar and put it in the trunk of their car. Carrying an open bag or even dispensary bag beside the driver is never a good idea and may lead to arrest if caught.

Pay close attention, too, when you travel from legal state to an illegal state. Patrol officers in an illegal state have been known to pull over cars coming from out-of-state. This is common in Idaho and Nebraska where cannabis is still illegal, and they border legal states. Crossing the border from two legal states won’t be such a problem as long as you are carrying under the aforementioned ounce. Do not drive when you are impaired. The risk is too great of harming yourself and others. If we are to normalize the use of cannabis, we need to be responsible users.

Author Bio: Leanne Brooks is an ardent blogger who loves to share innovative ideas on promoting mental and physical health. As an advocate of legalization, she writes about medical and recreational marijuana and its health benefits. She is currently working for the Green Society, one of the leading online dispensaries in Canada, which offers the best quality locally-sourced cannabis from craft cannabis connoisseurs.

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