Expectations and knowledge of cannabidiol therapy for childhood epilepsy – A German caregiver survey.

Background: Cannabidiol (CBD) has gained popularity among parents of children with epilepsy, even before evidence of efficacy and safety was available. The aim of our survey was to gain information about parental attitude to CBD, as well as expectations and knowledge of CBD for treatment of their child’s epilepsy.

Methods: A survey using an open-access online questionnaire for parents or caregivers of children with epilepsy within German-speaking countries from March to June 2019 was used.

Results: Of 378 complete questionnaires (mean age of children: 11.1 (standard deviation [SD] 7.4) years), 28% (n = 106) reported previous or current CBD treatment over a mean time of 17.31 months (SD: 19.74), whereas 72% had no personal experience with CBD. Treatment was proposed by parents and not by physicians in 83% of cases and was mainly carried out with prescription-only products (71%, n = 67). Nevertheless, 29% used unregulated, artisanal products. Of all parents with previous experience, n = 77 (73%) reported that they expected CBD to be more efficient than the common antiseizure drugs (ASDs) at the beginning. Forty-five percent reported that their expectations were not met during therapy. Consistently, lack of seizure reduction was the most common reason to discontinue CBD (12/26). Of those responders without CBD experience, 93% would consider CBD for their child. However, the self-reported level of information was considered to be poor or very poor regarding efficacy (76%, n = 177), tolerance (83%, n = 191), interaction with other medication (91%, n = 211), and potential long-term effects (87%, n = 212).

Conclusions: There is a huge interest in CBD but includes potentially unrealistic expectations of its efficacy and tolerance combined with a low level of information. Neuropediatricians should address parents of children with epilepsy regarding potential motivation and expectations of CBD. In addition, parental education, especially on interactions and potential side effects, is strongly recommended.

Keywords: Cannabidiol; Caregiver; Epilepsy; Information; Survey; Tolerance.

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