Floating Bales of Cocaine Saved These Shipwrecked Drug Smugglers

According to the Colombian Navy, three suspected drug smugglers were rescued last Saturday after their boat capsized in the Pacific Ocean. All three men were discovered clutching to floating bales cocaine.

“The coastguard arrived and these three people were floating on a material that by its characteristics resembled drugs,” said Captain Jorge Maldonado of Colombia’s Task Force Against Drug Trafficking, Yahoo! News reported.

Authorities estimate that the capsized boat was hauling a total of 1.2 tons of cocaine, an estimated street value of about $30 million. The men were picked up roughly 30 nautical miles from the port of Tumaco. 

Colombian authorities say all three men will be charged with drug trafficking. The Coast Guard is currently searching for a fourth man that they believe was lost after the boat capsized.

Floating packages of cocaine seem to be washing up all over North America these days. Last month, in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian, over a dozen bricks of cocaine ended up on Florida’s shores. In May, over 100 pounds of weed and coke somehow floated onto a beach in Alabama, of all places.

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