Fluence and Inspire to Host Webinar on Key Lighting and HVACD Decisions for Retrofitted Cannabis Cultivation Facilities


In the latest installment of a two-part webinar series in collaboration with InSpire Transpiration Solutions and Fluence by OSRAM, the companies will outline key lighting and HVACD decisions for retrofitted cannabis cultivation facilities.

The webinar, titled “Lighting and HVACD Part 2: Key Lighting and HVACD Decisions for Facility Retrofits,” will be held at 11 a.m. CT on Sept. 10.

The two-part webinar series details the important decisions that growers or facility designers need to make in both a new build facility and when retrofitting an existing facility. The series will focus specifically on the decisions made with LED lighting and HVACD planning, and will discuss the following topics:

  • Key metrics every decision maker should know when choosing a manufacturer of lighting and HVACD
  • Recommended steps when building a team and choosing your equipment
  • Evaluating your return on investment

The webinar series aims to arm growers with the tools to evaluate and analyze their space to choose the appropriate equipment that is right for their cultivation and business strategy.

Part two of the lighting and HVACD webinar series with InSpire, titled “Part 2: Facility Retrofits – HPS to LED,” will discuss how growers can make the most out of limitations when planning to retrofit cultivation facilities from HPS to LED lighting. There are several strategies growers can take when transitioning equipment, and this session will review the options and evaluate the pros and cons so cultivators can make the right decision based on their business goals.

Cultivators can register here and can access Part 1 of the webinar, which focused on new build design, here.

Fluence has committed to bring practical information to growers of all experience levels. The webinar series features experts from their dedicated research and horticulture services teams as well as subject matter experts in the areas of lighting designs, photobiology, utility rebates and financial performance. Fluence partners with manufacturers and experts in both the cannabis and commercial agriculture space to bring un-biased information to you, the grower or operator of a plant production facility. To view the company’s previous webinars, or to sign up to be notified of upcoming webinars, click here.

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