Forbes Article: UK Government Looks To Ease Barriers On Bulk Importation Of Medicinal Cannabis

Forbes write and note that important little phrase “Although there is little detail as to its implementation currently”


The UK Government today has announced that it is changing importation restrictions regarding medicinal cannabis, so as to minimize the waiting time for fulfillment of prescriptions. The change allows licensed wholesalers to: (1) import larger quantities of cannabis-based products; and (2) hold supplies for future use by patients with prescriptions.

Although there is little detail as to its implementation currently, patients and other stakeholders will no doubt welcome the change, as the UK Government look to tackle the waiting time for cannabis-based medicines. It is understood that waiting times can be quite significant for patients (i.e – months) from prescription to fulfillment, whereas this change hopefully reduces wait times to days. The new changes are to take effect from today and will be implemented by the Home Office and the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

Read the full report.

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