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Freddie Gibbs Rocks Two Blunts While Talking Shop with Snoop on a New GGN

Freddie Gibbs’s 14-year career in the rap game is a testament to patience, persistence, and perseverance. In 2006, he was due to release his first album with the illustrious Interscope records, but a series of unfortunate events led to Interscope nixing the deal. Getting dropped from a major label right out the gate crushes most freshman rappers, but not Freddie. Instead of sulking off into obscurity, Gibbs stepped up to the plate and started banging out more hits than Mookie Betts.

From 2009 to 2012, Gibbs completed a total of 10 mixtapes. Also in 2012, he finally released a studio album under Young Jeezy’s CTE label. Eventually, Gibbs went on to found his own label, E$GN, where he continues to make new, critically-acclaimed music that has a dedicated cult following. 

On a fresh episode of GGN, Gibbs sat down with Uncle Snoop with a blunt tucked behind one ear and a second being burned. Snoop kicked things off by asking Gibbs about his solo career. 

“I’m gonna stay solo. I ain’t made to be in no group. I like to work the way I wanna work,” Gibbs said before clarifying that he loves doing collaborations with other artists, too. “At this point, I’m doing a job. I do whatever the fuck I want every day. I can’t complain.”