Gorilla Zkittlez, Super Ape Loves Candy! – Barney’s Farm Strain Story – By G.B.I.

If ‘Super Ape’ GG4 chews on a Zkittlez candy, spectacular things are gonna happen!

The breeders of Barney’s Farm brought two of the best and most sought-after genetics of recent years together for an exciting showdown: for the new Gorilla Zkittlez strain, GG4, the mighty Kong amongst cannabis varieties, was on the prowl, swallowing up ‘Super Candy’ Zkittlez which proved to be a highly congenial breeding partner so that this all-Californian breeding constellation quickly bore fruit. Namely a mega hybrid with a slight indica dominance (60%) and very high THC count of 24% which guarantees both strong psychoactivity and medicinal effects – total relaxation is the word here.

Gorilla Zkittlez possesses the same insane resin coat as GG4, a true ocean of trichomes spills over the plants. But they leave a lasting impression on growers thanks to their above-average yields, too: shiploads of up to 500-700g make them potential heavyweights. And this even within a mere 8-9 weeks of flowering – now that’s sporty! The outdoor specs of this strain sound likewise sensational, with a height of only 1.7 meters, outdoor Gorilla Zkittlez plants are expected to be able to yield up to 2.5 kilos. Which, as a matter of course, is only possible in a perfect outdoor scenario with lots of sun and warmth. The resulting monster buds are forearmed with a good mold resistance (on a scale from 1 to 5, Barney’s rates it at 4). Under natural light, maturity sets in between the first and second week of October.

Grow room premiere: The Doc puts Barney’s Farm genetics to the test for the first time

Never before The Doc had tested one, but casted an eye on Barney’s Farm strains for quite some time, and their newly released Gorilla Zkittlez gave him the ultimate incentive to finally take action. Within 72 hours, the two feminized seeds sown pushed their heads through the surface. Lush bushy growth set in soon, with unusually shiny, oily looking dark green shade leaves. The two plants spent three weeks in the veggie stage before The Doc triggered them into flowering by switching to 12/12. They exhibited a growth pattern that reminded more of a classic indica than he had expected in view of a mere 60% share of this species: very dense and stout, short internodal spaces, 25 and 27 cm tall.

Resin fountains started to fizzle super early

After they had entered into the flowering stage, the two plants revealed a strong stretching instinct though, the sativa genes of Gorilla Zkittlez obviously got to work. Newly formed leaves became thinner, still having that oily gloss. Talking about oil – the resin fountains of Gorilla Zkittlez started to fizzle super early, with the calyxes and young flower leaves displaying a silvery-white sparkle as early as 3.5 weeks after the clock switch.

The Doc commented, “that’s wicked! The gorilla contained in this strain begins to sweat already, at this early point it’s possibly record-breaking. Which of course raises the expectation of a payload of trichomes to accumulate soon…” Four weeks into flowering, stem and branch elongation had come to an end, leaving the two plants with heights of about 60 cm.

Gigantic King Kong yield dimensions

Bud structure was distinctly indica-dominant, forming thick bulbous chunks that in the end, after 58 and 60 days of flowering (absolutely on schedule), were swollen hard and densely covered in opulent resin layers, with even the most upper shade leaves being jeweled with crystals throughout.

The Doc enthused, “they’ve become as super-sugary-gooey as I had expected, Gorilla Zkittlez is really drenched in vast amounts of sweetish monkey sweat, it’s one glorious resin festival! But this variety has also lived up to its quantity pledge, from the bottom to the top, the two plants are furnished with real heavyweight buds.

This combination of quality and quantity is absolutely outstanding! Likewise praiseworthy is the great uniformity of these two specimens.” Their intense odor was an unusual mélange of sweet tropical fruit notes and hints of spicy black hashish, plus a dash of musk, fittingly. At the end of their life cycle, the two plants had a round-bodied, handy shape with heights of 60 and 67 cm. “Blow me down!”, The Doc shouted with joy, when three weeks later he put his Gorilla Zkittlez buds – as hard as a gorilla’s chest, with a stupendously rich trichome covering – on the scales.

Because the yield of both plants together amounted to phenomenal 225 grams – “truly gigantic King Kong dimensions, the more so if one takes the fairly small size of these plants into account. They’ve almost yielded twice as much grams as they’ve measured in centimeters, that’s actually unbelievable”, said a flabbergasted Doc.

Vaporizing Gorilla Zkittlez: “As if King Kong had tenderized my head and body”

When he broke open a bud for his first vaporizer test session, a sophisticated two-phase-fragrance wafted into his nostrils: first he smelled an exotic fruity sweetness reminiscent of mango that after a second gave way to a lingering heavy hash scent.

Vaporizing the bud in his “Mighty” vaporizer, this unusual olfactory succession recurred – when the vapor passed through his mouth, it tasted fruity sweet, but the lasting impression then was spicy-hashy again. The Doc took three deep hits before he waited for the effect to fully set in. After the second one, he sensed a slight pressure around the eyes and temples and serious stonedness arising deep within, and after the third, it felt as if King Kong loomed through the vapor and tightly grabbed him. “The gorilla is flexing his THC muscles, starting to tenderize my head and body!”, The Doc laughed, “I’m feeling waxy all over.”

Two more hits, and The Doc was one wobbly jelly… which meant total mental and physical relaxation, very much enjoyed by him. He stretched his legs out on the sofa and listened to some mellow jazz music. Under the influence of Gorilla Zkittlez, he developed a very dry mouth feel, but a bottle of mango nectar placed on the table next to him by way of precaution gave him instant relief.

That deeply relaxed effect continued for more than two hours and made him kind of dreamy, but not sleepy – chilling at its very best. The Doc concluded, “this mega hybrid has kept all its promises, proven to be a veritable yield and resin production hit with an amazing potency and aroma, plus a moderate flowering time and handy indoor size – everything’s just perfect with this strain. A cheer for US Westcoast genetics!”

Written and Published By G.B.I, Barney’s Farm In Weed World Magazine Issue 143

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