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Grow Cannabis with LED Lights – Top Tips and Guidance

Grow Cannabis with LED Lights – Top Tips and Guidance

Using LED lights to grow cannabis has become quite popular in the cannabis community.

With the recent advancements in LED technology, an increasing number of cannabis growers are switching to LED in order to grow cannabis indoors.

Though LED lights may not be as impressive as HID lamps, they are undoubtedly more affordable.

Because LEDs consume less energy and have a longer life space, indoor cultivators of varying skill levels find LED lights to be a great choice.


Different Kinds of Grow Lights for Cannabis

You will find a variety of lights that could be used for growing cannabis. High-intensity discharge or HID lights, compact fluorescent lights or CFL, and a light-emitting diode or LED lights are the most commonly used options.

Since the 1990s, HID lights became quite well-known among cannabis cultivators. Though they function really well, there are several issues associated with its use as well. For example, setting up HID lights can be pretty expensive. If our cannabis plants do not produce as per your expectations, you might find yourself short of a couple of hundred-dollar bills.


grow cannabis with grow lights


People who cannot afford to set up HID lights might choose CFLs, but they aren’t as effective during the flowering phase. In most scenarios, CFLs are options for cannabis growers with smaller operations, which is often for personal use.

Though CFLs aren’t as popular as HID lights, it can get the work done most of the time. For several years CFLs have been the only alternative to expensive HID lights until LED lights made an entrance.


Why Use LED Lights for Growing Cannabis?

There are several reasons that make LED lights way more advantageous in growing cannabis plants. Let’s take a look at them –


They Are Affordable

Many people find LED lights to be relatively inexpensive as compared to the pricier HID lights’ setup. It is particularly true for people who want to grow plants in small numbers.

You can find pretty good deals online for LED lights that are perfectly designed to grow cannabis plants in small numbers.

However, it is essential that you do your research before purchasing a light to ensure that you buy high-quality lighting.


They Save Energy & Offer Privacy

Another reason why you should use LED lights is that it helps you save energy. As compared to HID lights, you will find LEDs to be much more energy-efficient.

As they don’t use as much electricity, the cost of your whole operation will be lesser in the long run.

However, certain LED lights in the market are expensive, but they usually tend to be a worthy investment over time.

Using LED lights also keeps unwanted attention from a nosy neighbor, a landlord, or police at bay. A spiking electricity bill usually tends to give away your project of growing cannabis under wraps. Though growing cannabis may be legal in most states, every individual is entitled to their privacy.


They Reduce Water Usage

Apart from being energy-efficient, LED lights also help in saving water. It is not unknown that HID lights use a low power, which results in a significant amount of heat production. As the temperature of the room continues to grow, the plants end up consuming more water.

Cannabis plants, even the smallest ones, require a lot of water. By using LED lights, you could reduce the water intake because the lights produce less heat. It’s Not only superb for your utility bill but also environment friendly.


They Are More Durable

Another essential reason to consider LED lights would be the fact that they tend to last longer than HID and CFL bulbs. Therefore, you can put your LEDs to use for several years before you have to replace them.


Growing Cannabis with LED Lights

Several kinds of LED lights tend to have a fixed light spectrum for the vegetative and flowering phases. Therefore, you will be able to use the same LED light for the entire growing period until harvest.

Though it might seem convenient for most people, certain people would like to fine-tune their lights in order to get optimal efficiency and results in every growing phase. Due to this reason, many manufacturers have a switch that allows users to activate a flower light and veg light spectrum.

There are certain factors that need to be taken into consideration in every stage. Let’s take a look at them –


growing with led grow lights



Once the seeds sprout, you need to give them access to light. Unlike mature plants, seedlings are supposed to be more sensitive to light. Therefore, you should maintain caution while using powerful LEDs.

If you have an LED with a dimming option, do that to ensure lower intensity. If it doesn’t have an option like that, place the lights farther away.

On the other hand, you shouldn’t put it too far away as your plants might turn up lanky and spindly.

With an LED light that comes with the flowering or vegging spectrum, set it up to veg because it emits a blueish light, which is perfect for this stage.

When the seedlings start growing stronger and taller, approaching a robust vegetative growth stage, you can increase the intensity of your light gradually.



You can start by offering 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness. Certain growers provide 20-24 hours of light as it maximizes the vegetative growth.

Right from the beginning, you need to monitor your plant’s development. If things go according to the plan, your plants will grow strong, bushy, and healthy. If the plants are spindly and lanky, they did not receive enough light.

The amount of time you want to spend on the vegetative stage would depend on the amount of space is available. If you offer around 18-24 hours of light for a long period of time, your plants will end up growing too big when you make the switch to flowering. Hence, you need to be careful when you initiate the blooming process while growing cannabis.



When you grow cannabis indoors, you are responsible for switching the bloom mode by scheduling light and darkness of 12 hours each. If you own an LED light that comes with a flowering switch, you can turn it on.

When your flowers are in 12 hours darkness, you need to ensure that the schedule isn’t interrupted. Therefore, your grow room or grow tent shouldn’t have any light entering from outside. With a dimmer LED light, it is best to keep it on maximum intensity.

Once you have done everything correctly, your plants would be ready for harvest. You can, then, extract CBD or THC from your plants to create a variety of products.


Avoiding Problems While Growing Cannabis Plants with LED Lights

Certain modern LED lights are known to emit light that can be more intense than HID.

If you don’t take enough caution, it could result in “light burn”, which would result in nutrient deficiencies, bleached or discolored leaves, and several other issues.

Therefore, maintaining a proper distance between the light and your plants is extremely crucial.


grow cannabis with leds


Last Thoughts about Growing Cannabis with Led Grow Lights

If you take necessary precautions, you will be able to grow cannabis plants to extract its compounds efficiently.

However, growing cannabis isn’t something everybody can do well. If you don’t particularly feel confident, you can check out the internet to explore a variety of products online.

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