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Hello what up! It’s Ya Boy! Hash Info

This Is My Documentary I do Daily Video’s.
Join Me Live I will be doing this forever im a YOUTUBER!! MY NAME IS HASHY! Please Subscribe an
Tell a Friend about this show Leave a Comment Down Below! Stay TUNED Hash Info Wants To Make Yur Medical Garden Famous!Thc Talk✌ congratulations subscribers a hash info we have reached 850 subscribers we’re now looking towards 1K 1000 subscribers let’s do it let’s get it and after we get 1K let’s do a giveaway can’t wait super stoked. Come chill let’s play some games let’s chat cannabis strains to answer some questions let’s medicate so we can relate I’m a medically licensed cannabis patient of Canada I use this channel to bring awareness simply because there is a lack of information out there in Canada in North America on pure all natural methods of consumption of cannabis do not be fooled just because you are a medical marijuana patient it doesn’t mean you’re necessarily using cannabis it’s the most effective means possible some people shouldn’t be smoking it because of their condition maybe you have to vaporize it other shouldn’t vaporize it and should probably eat it or drink it or have it applied to their back or neck let’s talk about means of preparing cannabis so you may use it properly and effectively getting the most out of your THC and CBD cannabinoid profile.


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