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420 is right around the corner and the world of cannabis is getting ready to celebrate.

While many envision 420 being celebrated by getting “high AF” as the younger generation would say. Those of us who use cannabis and CBD for medicals purposes view this date a bit differently. Well, at least I do.



420 is a reminder a year ago my life was very different. Chronic arthritis pain in my hands, hip and leg kept me from being able to do many things that I wanted to do. One hand had so much pain that I was unable to hold a cup without dropping it or grasp a jar to open it. Walking for long distances was becoming harder to do and I dreaded weather reports saying rain was on the way because stiffness and pain would always get worse on these days. Daily doses of NSAIDs were leaving me with bruises on my arms and legs that had people question what was going on at home. Narcotics contributed to highly unwanted side effects like constipation. My day job requires non stop computer usage and typing just contributed to more pain and stiffness. I was thinking how many more years would I be able to work if my hands continued to get worse.

Cannabis for the treatment of chronic pain #cannabisforpain #medicalmarijuana


Then I discovered CBD, cannabis and microdosing. My world has improved greatly since that time. I no longer take narcotics or NSAIDs. The pain disappeared almost entirely in one hand and the pain/stiffness in the other has decreased greatly. I am able to take those long walks that my husband and I enjoy. While rainy days still make me achy and stiff the discomfort on those days is still reduced. I no longer wonder if I will need to stop working or change jobs due to the pain and immobility.

Life is much better. 420 is a day that reminds me of where I was and where I’m at now.

If cannabis and CBD have improved your life I would love to hear about it. If you are looking to celebrate 420 in a healthy way why not stop by this post over at Wake and Bake and check out some of the healthy 420 suggestions that are listed. While you’re there why not enter the awesome 420 giveaway that Corrine, the site owner, has going on.

Here are some of the awesome prizes being included in this giveaway:


The Cannabis + Health Mastery Bundle – 1 Grand Prize

  • The Cannabis for Health Weekend Workshop – Coming August 2019!
  • 1 Waffleye Cannabis Waffle Maker
  • Wake + Bake’s Money-Saving Cannabis Kitchen Bundle
    • 1 Magical Butter MB2
    • 1 Nova Decarboxylator
    • 1 Copy of Dazed + Infused
  • Total Value: $699


Satva Botanicals Self Care Bundle – 1 First Prize

  • CLEANSE – Clarifying Hemp+Jojoba Oil cleanser
  • REFRESH – Toning Hemp+Red Clover Mist (w/full spectrum CBD)
  • NOURISH – Moisturizing Hemp+Jojoba Facial Oil
  • RESTORE – Plumping Lip+ Eye Balm (w/full spectrum CBD)
  • SENSI SOAK – Soothing CBD Mineral Bath
  • MOON MELT – Pain relieving roll on for sore muscles or that “time of the month” (w/full spectrum CBD)
  • Total Value: $199

Cannabis + Health Starter Pack – 3 Runner Up Prizes

  • 1 Sensibalm – 100mg CBD Body Butter
  • 1 Digital Download of Dazed + Infused
  • Total Value: $99


Click and enter the giveaway!


Before you go why not leave a comment below and let me know how cannabis and/or CBD has affected your life and if you are planning anything special to celebrate 420.


Disclaimer: This is information is not intended as medical advice. The information in this post is intended for those 21 and older who live in a state or country where medical or recreational use of cannabis is legal. If you plan to use a form of cannabis that intoxicates you please do not operate heavy machinery or drive a car. Please follow all local laws concerning cannabis. This website is informational and cannot diagnose or treat illness or disease. Medical marijuana should be used under the direction of a licensed healthcare provider. This site contains advertisements. If you click a link and make a purchase, CannabisNurseMA.com may receive a commission.

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