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Covid-19, Corona and lockdown are the news of today and many of us are stuck at home with a lot of time to pass. Cannabis consumers are enjoying this time at home with loved ones and bonding doing things around home. What better way to do that than sharing some weed, but not like old days of puffing and passing! If you dont already have your own glass pipe, now is the time to get yours today!

Whether it be a vaping or smoking, choosing glass smoking devices is the best way to enjoy either concentrates or cannabis flower. Smoking through glass is the purest form of cannabis consumption there is no burning of paper like with joints or the taste of acrylic bongs.

Glassblowers started developing glass pipes since the early 1970s, pioneering blowers used the “hippie movement” and the free love culture to distribute their wares, which soon started turning into art pieces. Today we see craft blowers in most small towns and big cities scattered across the map of the US. Handcrafted glass pipes start at a few dollars and quickly go up to a few thousands of dollars depending on several factors.

It is easy to find cheap and nasty knockoff bongs from the Far East. But a quality hand-made glass pipe is something worth purchasing for your exclusive use. Most hand-made are custom glass pipes that if looked after will last you many years of use, and never fail.

Online Smoke Shop

HeadyTreasures.com is a USA company that supplies American made glass from glassblowers across the country. Most are unknown and up and coming artists producing high-quality borosilicate glass pieces. They stock a wide range of glass pipes such as bubblers, chillums and sherlocks. They also stock custom water pipes, dab rigs, bongs, apparel, and accessories like papers or grinders.

A huge range of cannabis connoisseurs’ devices that are shipped free throughout the US as well as shipped the same day. Buying from headytreasures.com is not only supporting a local company but also one of the many artist’s glass pipes they stock.

Heady Treasures was established with the vision of becoming the #1 online smoke shop. There are tons of smoke shops. So, what makes us different? We began focusing on American made products only. We do our best to research each and every brand and artist, making sure that not only are the high quality products, but that they are SAFE and American made.

Meanwhile, we are dedicated in featuring local glassblowers, spotlighting rising talent in the community–while also featuring functional and non-functional products from your favorite heady glass artists.

All of our items are inspected to ensure that the piece you receive is of the highest quality. The ‘Heady’ standard sets a certain level of perfection among our inventory, supplying our collectors with custom glass ‘Treasures’.

Customer service is our top priority. We offer 24/7 live chat, email and phone support. We ship each order in discreet, plain brown boxes and provide hassle-free returns.

Heady Treasures is an independently owned and operated business. We have been a part of the community for years and take great pride in our services in the industry.
We hope to further expand as a business and fulfill all of our collector’s needs.

Your support makes a difference and is greatly appreciated!  

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