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High Times Enters Strategic Agreement with Red White & Bloom


Hightimes Holding Corp. has announced a strategic agreement with multistate cannabis operator Red White & Bloom (RWB) to enter the Michigan, Illinois and Florida markets.

Under the agreement, RWB will rebrand its 18 planned and operational dispensaries with the Hightimes trademark, logo and brand, and High Times-branded products such as vapes, tinctures, topicals and edibles will be available for sale within these storefronts as well as other third-party outlets.

“High Times is a 46-year-old brand with an immense amount of recognition and credibility across the world,” Hightimes CEO Peter Horvath said in a public statement. “Licensing the High Times name, advising on dispensary operations, and providing input on product development allows the company to drive significant revenue from licensing fees without assuming the complexity associated with owning and operating dispensaries and scaled cultivation and manufacturing facilities nationwide. RWB has built an incredible and expansive retail footprint in a quick time frame that we can strengthen through applying the High Times Brand. »

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