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(Intended for the 18 & over)
This video is dedicated to the hobbyist and pro cannabis growers around the world.

There is nothing like growing your own cannabis at home, and we’ve been doing it for a decade. This week we decided to order 4 new indoor grow tent kits from Growers House – along with the best LED lights available for indoor tent grows…. more info in future episodes.

Growers House Indoor Tent Kit Builder: https://growershouse.com/complete-tent-packages?aff=50

We also had two BIG orders of feminized and autoflowers seeds arrive from I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) – They have a massive 420 Sale going on and some awesome strains so make sure to check them out for your next indoor or outdoor cannabis grow.

I Love Growing Marijuana Seeds:

Home Grow TV is dedicated to bringing the highest quality growers information and cannabis entertainment.

New episodes launching weekly!
– Grow journals
– Best of LED Grow Light Reviews
– How to grow cannabis at home tutorials
– Best Cannabis Genetics for Indoor grow
– Cannabis and indoor home grow entertainment
– Tours of large cannabis cultivations
– Rosin Press Tutorials
– Best indoor strain reviews

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All of Home Grow TV’s grow equipment is from Growers – https://bit.ly/2JYE7i5

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