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How to Choose a Hand Pipe

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Smoking is one of the best ways to get a good high from cannabis, and many people prefer using a hand pipe. Before you go to an online headshop to buy your first unique glass pipe, there are a few things to keep in mind. There are so many choices, and it can be overwhelming on which is the best. A newbie in the world of smoking can get easily tripped by the different lingo used by vendors. Learn first, then make an informed decision.

Glass pipes are popular among smokers because it’s very cool to see the smoke in it! A quick search online leaves you reeling from a dozen choices. There are a whole host of different sizes and shapes. To choose the best one for you, first determine what your needs are.

In case you want one to use with friends, then you can opt for a larger size. A small one is better suited for short hit alone, especially when its medicinal marijuana and you have precise prescriptions.

How to Smoke a Pipe

Smoking a glass water pipe requires skill that takes time to master even though it’s the most common way to smoke. Don’t worry if you don’t get it correctly the first time around. To use a glass pipe effectively, start by grinding up the herb until it is nice and fine. Take the pipe and load the ground cannabis on the bowl.

Use a small toothpick to poke into the carb hole and clear the airway before you light it. Take your hand pipe and using a lighter, light the weed. Place the mouthpiece on your lips and inhale while closing the carb hole with your finger. Once you have inhaled enough smoke, release the hole. Keep doing this every time you inhale until you are done.

Hand pipe Etiquette

Some of the best glass pipes have bowls that are too big, and the weed you place on them can fall into the water pipe. You have the option to use a screen to plug it as you inhale. Inquire from your local weed dispensary or an online head shop. A screen helps you keep the pipe clean, and you don’t have to wash it often. Ensure you purchase a quality screen and don’t make one at home. You need a long-lasting one that won’t burn as you light the ground weed.

At times you find yourself smoking with friends, and you are all using the same glass pipe. Pass it correctly by always facing the mouth area to the next person. This way, they can take hold of the pipe correctly and won’t get burnt. Incorrect passing can result in many broken or cracked pipes.

Lighting weed on a bowl is a technic in itself. You can’t take the lighter from the weed after you see a little smoke coming from it. Keep the flame on the weed until its lit enough to keep burning even without the lighter on it. This way, when you pass it to the next person, they don’t have to light it again. Light a side of the weed if you are the first to use it. It’s best to do so in a group setting such that everyone can enjoy a hit. Lighting the top part means by the time it does one round, there will be nothing but ash left.

Cleaning a Hand Pipe

Clean your pipe often as it can get quite unhygienic primarily when used by many people. Bacteria are known to reside in many hand pipes, and that is why you have to wash it each time you use it. It might seem a bit much, but this is the best strategy for sanitizing a group pipe. If you are using it alone, then you can clean every other day. Cleaning alcohol is readily available, and the best way to clean it. Simply soak the pipe in it for some time then rinse it. Pour some salt into the pipe and shake it to remove any byproducts stuck on the pipe walls.

The Bottom Line

Getting the best hand pipe takes some time of research and finding what works best for you. Take your time and consider how many people are using it. Ensure you add some cleaning solutions to your list while buying the pipe.

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