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How to make your cannabis last longer

While Canadians are stockpiling cannabis and practicing social distancing, now is as good of a time as ever to get creative with your stash.

As a respiratory illness spreads, you could also consider a tolerance break. As the Ontario Cannabis Store posted earlier this week, if you’re feeling any irritation in your nose, throat, or lungs: Skip the smoke.

Tabitha Fritz, a cannabis educator with Mihi Cannabis, said bongs and joints are on pause in her household. And even vaping should be approached cautiously.

“We’re using edibles and oil just because we’re worried about damage to the cilia in our lungs, which could have potential complications for COVID if we happen to contract it later on,” she says.

Here are her top tips and tricks to keep your cannabis supply from running out.

Turn your stash into edibles

If you have some dry or low-quality cannabis kicking around, turning it into edibles is a great way to stretch it out and increase the potency.

“An edible experience lasts a lot longer than a combusted or even vaped experience, so even eating a little bit of weed would last for hours,” Fritz says.

If you’re cooking with fresh bud, it’s important to put it through a decarboxylation process first. Spread the cannabis evenly across a baking sheet and cook it for about 45 minutes at around 100 degrees. If you notice a burning smell, be sure to pull it out of the oven. This process will make your house smell, Fritz warns, but your body will be able to digest and process the cannabis with better results.

If you’re someone who regularly vapes, you can convert your stash of ABV (which stands for ‘already been vaped’ cannabis) into edibles. A benefit of cooking with ABV is the cannabis has already been decarboxylated.

“ABV is great for sleep,” Fritz says. “And I know a lot of us are having trouble sleeping right now.”

Fritz says it’s best to consume your ABV with a little bit of fat to help your body metabolize it. She suggests mixing it with a healthy fat like olive oil or coconut oil or infusing it into oil using a slow cooker. Her personal preference, though, is to sprinkle the ABV on top of yogurt.

“I like to dump it right on yogurt, or I’ll honestly just eat it raw with a little bit of coconut oil,” she says. “I think it tastes kind of nutty.”

Store your cannabis properly

Storage is also an important consideration. To keep your cannabis fresh for as long as possible, Fritz advises keeping it in glass jars and somewhere dark. And if you have kids, make sure it’s safely locked away.

“Everybody’s home, everybody’s in each other’s space, everybody’s exploring the house. So I would say, if you have a safe, make sure you’ve locked all your cannabis up. And if you don’t have a safe, make sure you’ve put it somewhere that your kids aren’t going to find it, maybe the back of the closet or something like that.”

If your supply has gone dry, try rehydrating it by putting a damp paper towel in a separate baggie, with a few holes in the bag, and sealing it up with your cannabis for a few hours.

Stick to a schedule

If you’re a daily consumer, Fritz suggests laying down some ground rules for yourself.

“When you’re bored, it’s very easy to just consume cannabis all the time, because it helps to pass the time,” she says. “Whatever the amount is that’s appropriate for you, really stick to that schedule.”

Choose a specific time and amount to consume and hold yourself accountable.

“Make sure that you’re keeping yourself honest,” Fritz says, “because you don’t want to run out, right?”

When it comes to making your stash last, vaping, edibles, and oils, are all better ingestion methods than combustion, and less detrimental to your overall health.

“You waste so much weed when you’re combusting,” Fritz says. “So it’s a good time to turn it into some edibles. What else do you have to do today?”

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