How to Use Cannabis in Your Kitchen to Boost Nutrition

How to Use Cannabis in Your Kitchen to Boost Nutrition

I am Ashley, and this is my video on how to use cannabis in your kitchen to boost nutrition based on my blog

As a health coach I don’t fix my clients, they do that, my job is to ask the questions that will spark transformation – so here it is:

What resonated with you most? How do you think this bio-hack will be of service to you rising to become the hero of your own story?

I am leaving open the comments open to possibility, let’s see what happens!

Sending you good vibes & positivity on your Elemental Growth journey, it’s all happening!!

– Love Ashley

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Hi, I’m Ashley Michaud, mother, author and founder of Elemental Growth. My mission is to help those of you ready embrace change and create sustainable lifestyle rituals through healing foods, natural alternatives and holistic practices.

I am the girl that has cleaned up her life, broken through family karma and tapped into her natural flow. Like me you have everything you need to heal yourself and reach each dream you put forth but you don’t have to do it alone. Having your own guide on the side lines can help you breakthrough roadblocks and unleash your true potential.

Certified Reiki Master – Reiki From Love, Usui Method
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Hormone Health Coach & Coaching Mastery
Training & Education The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, NYC

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