How We’re Participating in the Cannabis Cares Homeless Initiative

How We’re Participating in the Cannabis Cares Homeless Initiative

We couldn’t be more excited to share that we, and the rest of the dispensaries powered by Kolas in Sacramento, are participating in a movement called the Cannabis Cares Homeless Initiative, spearheaded by the Sacramento Cannabis Industry Association.

Homelessness is an issue not just in Sacramento, but throughout the entire country. Lack of available low-cost housing, poor economic conditions that systemically benefit certain people and not others, and insufficient mental health services are only some of the reasons why homelessness is such a rampant problem in so many cities. 

In an effort to improve the quality of life and provide valuable resources for homeless people and people at-risk of being homeless, we’ve got a couple ways you can join us in making Sacramento, and the world, a better place.

1. Cannabis Cares Homeless Initiative Products

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If you’ve visited our store recently, you’ve probably noticed that some of our products have a little sticker that says “Cannabis Cares / SCIA / Downtown Streets Team” on it. 

These stickers represent what you can be doing to help the homeless community in Sacramento.

When you purchase a product with a Cannabis Cares sticker on it, a portion of those proceeds will go directly to the Downtown Streets Team.

The Downtown Streets Team is an incredible organization that is making a huge impact on homelessness in Sacramento. 

They are providing homeless and low-income people with the resources they need to begin to rebuild their lives. 

They offer volunteer programs so that they can work collaboratively on beautification projects throughout Sacramento. The people that show leadership skills and dedication are granted opportunities to rise among the ranks, supervise others, and gain other valuable skills. 

In return, these people are given a non-cash stipend to help cover their basic needs all while they use our case management and employment services to find sustainable housing and a job.

By treating homeless people with dignity and empowering them to be a part of the solution to their struggles, the Downtown Streets team is making a world of a difference when it comes to combating homelessness. 

Stop by our dispensary today to learn more about our Cannabis Cares Homeless Initiative products, and join us in giving back!

Our most exciting Cannabis Cares product is the Kolas x Grizzly Peak Farms collab, the Kolas Bone pre-roll! Pick one up to day at our store and you can do good while you feel good. 

2. Homeless Initiative Donations

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If you’re not totally comfortable purchasing a Cannabis Cares Homeless Initiative product just yet, we have another way that you can get involved.

We have a donation box, provided by SCIA, for you to give as freely as you’d like (every cent counts!), and all of the proceeds go directly toward the mayor’s homeless initiative. 

This homeless initiative supports including more service-intensive programs in rehousing shelters, which means that homeless people will have access to obtaining identification and any benefits that they qualify for, connecting them with health care options, providing access to mental health services, and opportunities to obtain permanent supportive housing solutions. 

However you want to give back, we support it. Thanks for joining us in showing some love to Sacramento by giving back to the community and making our city, and the world, a better place.

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