Hydrofarm Announces Exclusive Distribution Partnership with Rare Dankness Nutrients


PETALUMA, Calif.–PRESS RELEASE–Hydrofarm Holdings Group Inc., an independent wholesaler and manufacturer of hydroponics equipment and commercial horticultural products, today announced an exclusive distribution partnership with Rare Dankness Nutrients, a provider of high quality growing nutrients for commercial applications.

Rare Dankness has developed an innovative formulation of crop nutrition that delivers simplified dry nutrients and amplified terpene profiles. The Rare Dankness product line offers cost-effective and versatile formulas designed to work with all hydroponic growing systems, injectors and fertigation systems. Rare Dankness provides growers with clean crop nutrition products that are pH balanced, addressing major issues currently faced by growers, including bio film, filter clogs, nutrient fallout and high costs associated with premixed bottled nutrients.

“Rare Dankness offers growers of all sizes access to innovative nutrition products that will improve crop health, yields and economics for our customers,” said Bill Toler, CEO of Hydrofarm. “We are pleased to expand our product offering through this exclusive partnership and look forward to growing our businesses together.”

Scott Reach, founder of Rare Dankness Nutrients added, “Hydrofarm is the leader in the hydroponics industry with an extensive network of retail partners and customers. This exclusive partnership will allow us to bring Rare Dankness products to growers nationwide to help them maximize the potential of their grow operations.”

For additional information about Rare Dankness, please visit: www.raredanknessnutrients.com

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