Illinois Establishes Tiebreaker for Awarding Conditional Adult-Use Cannabis Dispensary Licenses


The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation has established a tiebreaker process for awarding 75 conditional adult-use cannabis dispensary licenses, according to a Daily Herald report.

The permanent rules were filed in June and approved by a legislative rules committee Aug. 11, the news outlet reported, which will allow the state to issue the conditional licenses in the coming weeks.

Illinois’ adult-use cannabis law mandates that dispensary applicants can score up to 250 points on their applications, and there are a limited number of licenses available in each of the state’s Bureau of Labor Statistics Regions, according to the Daily Herald.

The new rules establish a randomized tiebreaker process in the event that two or more applicants in a given region receive the same score, the news outlet reported. The first name pulled will have the first right to the conditional license, the second name will have the second right and so on, and if some or all of the chosen applicants abandon their claim, the leftover licenses will go to the applicants with the next highest scores.

Conditional licensees will have 180 days to find a location for their dispensaries, pass a final inspection and pay a licensing fee, at which point they will receive a permanent license to open their retail locations, the Daily Herald reported.

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