I’m Now Easily Getting Off My AntiDepressants Thanks to CBD Oil


I’m Now Easily Getting Off My AntiDepressants Thanks to CBD Oil


Update: Since I did this video, I decided to look into a specialized treatment for my anxiety which got worse…but it’s a treatment that also helps depression so check out this video if CBD is not helping you enough. For some people, CBD may be the answer but if the depression is stronger you might need something more potent.

Direct Neurofeedback: The Revolutionary Anxiety Treatment – My First Session: https://youtu.be/-274CBHp4ss


*The CBD oil I use is certified paleo, contains no refined sugars, and is free of gluten, soy, wheat, dairy, and corn. It’s winner of the 2014 Bay Area Medical Cannabis Cup for Best Edible. Every batch is lab tested for quality and consistency and certified (SCLabs). It also contains MCT oil (Caprylic and capric fatty acids) which converts to ketones (providing energy faster). This helps burn fat, which lowers cholesterol and reduces blood sugar. Win-win!
This CBD oil is derived from the hemp plant not marijuana plant. They are both cannabis plants and the CBD from hemp oil (sativa plant) is equally as potent as the CBD oil from medical marijuana (indica plant). Hemp is also naturally higher in cannabidiol (CBD). But the bottom line is they are basically the same except there is more legality to hemp oil. Hemp oil has been shown to be safe for children, seniors, pregnant and nursing women, and pets, but please consult your doctor.

**Looking for my recommendation that I mentioned in the video? CBD Potion available at: http://www.jambosuperfoods.com?afmc=3o&utm_campaign=3o&utm_source=leaddyno&utm_medium=affiliate✌️

🌿I love it because it has:
✅amazing ingredients (nothing artificial)
✅phenomenal taste (best peppermint 🍃 AND cinnamon 💯 I’ve ever tasted…I use cinnamon in the morning and peppermint at night)
✅an awesome delivery system (breath spray so it’s easy to take, perfectly dosed each time, and freshens your breath)
✅MCT oil (from coconut oil 🥥 🌴) which burns fat. Win-win!

***Please note CBD is not legal in all 50 states according to the DEA. While hemp-derived CBD is technically legal, there is confusion with the difference between hemp-derived and marijuana-derived CBD. Check your state and local laws. It is your responsibility to know the legality of CBD in your city and state and to operate within the law. I am not responsible if you purchase or use CBD oil illegally.

It’s not network marketing or a company you join and build teams in. It’s just a product from a regular company that I personally use and believe in and which I’m now an affiliate of – so I do receive compensation if you purchase through my link.


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