Jeff Sessions Resigns, Changes for the Cannabis Industry?

Jeff Sessions Resigns

Attorney General Jeff Sessions Resigns November 7th, 2018

One of the first senators to endorse Donald Trump’s campaign was Jeff Sessions. Sessions was a Senator for the state of Alabama and gave up that position to serve in the Trump Administration, while now Jeff Sessions resigns November 7th, 2018.

Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions

Sessions resignation was no surprise. He was accused of having contact with Russian officials during the 2016 elections. Trump requested for Sessions to hand in a resignation letter in which he states his tasks and duties as head of the Department of Justice. Although this is not the first time Session tries to resign, it is however the first resignation that Trump has demanded and accepted effective immediately. President Trump cornered Sessions into this decision, embarrassing him publicly and using him as his personal puppet. In numerous occasions Sessions was accused by Trump of conspiracy, helping Russian government and even lack of action against Hillary Clinton.

Trump has put Matthew Whitaker in for Sessions former position. Whitaker will be in charge of surveilling this skit of an investigation on Russians interference on the 2016 elections. Trumps head is still revolving around the idea that there was in fact Russian interventions in those elections and part of his frustration against Sessions is for not looking into that more and not attacking Hillary Clinton for it.

How will his resignation affect the Cannabis Industry?

Well, Sessions was also known for wanting to implement harsh mandatory sentences for low level drug offenses and even had prosecutors contemplating the idea of a death penalty for drug trafficking cases. Sessions also allowed the Department of Justice to prosecute against those who were providers of medical marijuana. So he wasn’t just against Cannabis recreational uses but also its medical uses.

On May 2017 he even wanted congress leaders to revoke the Rohrabacher-Farr amendments in order to conduct legal proceedings against providers of medical

Marijuana and Politics

marijuana. This amendment prohibits the Department of Justice from spending state funds on activities that interfere with the implementations of state medical marijuana laws. On January of this year he even cancelled the Cole Memorandum. Which was implemented during Barack Obama’s presidency to stop prosecutors from filing any kind of charges against medical marijuana users. It stated that the Department of Justice could not enforce federal marijuana prohibitions on states that had already legalized marijuana.

Jeff Sessions Resigns Conclusion

So if we look at this in perspective, it benefits the Cannabis Industry that Jeff Sessions resigns. As Trump’s Attorney General, he had the power to revoke and rescind laws in favor of Marijuana. Now that he is out of the picture, there is a sense of serenity for the Cannabis Industry. There is one less enemy inside the system. Those who are against its legalization must start looking into the economical benefits of legalizing Cannabis. Its economy starts growing, it gives employment, helps patients deal with physical conditions. It also creates a community where self-awareness and trust are values implemented into society.

Legalization of Cannabis in USA

Although the fight for legalization does not end here at all. This is a huge step and leaves a precedent for those leaders that plan to withhold the Marijuana Users and Providers rights. Legalization of Cannabis is at its highest and going against it is not such a good idea. When it comes to dealing with Liberals and users of it. Sooner or later Politicians will need to understand whose side they have to be on. While either for the countries economy, for medical purposes or for political reasons.


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