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Kind Roots Trading was formed to support and assist our community of hemp farmers. As a wholesale provider of hemp terpene and flavonoid concentrates, our mission is to deliver high quality, sweet smelling terpenes at affordable prices. All of our terpene profiles are from a single origin hemp flower, with no other flavorings or botanical terpenes added. Entourage Terpenes are the perfect base oil to add to any product for a dramatically enhanced user experience and heightened entourage effect.

Our terpenes have been crafted within the art of regenerative and sustainable agriculture. By farming the soil, the life you provide to it will equal the life you and others will receive from it. We believe that all life and human sustainability is intimately connected to the health of our soils and plants. Kind Roots Trading, manufacturers of Entourage Terpenes, has been created to support the stewards of our lands, our valued hemp farmers. We encourage you to connect with one of our consultants today to guarantee availability, and to reserve specific cultivars of Entourage Terpenes for your operation. Thank you for your work in this space. With Love, Kind Roots Trading.

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Entourage Terpene

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