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What is Kief


Dry extracted kief

Kief refers to those white frosty crystal hairs you see on your buds before grinding them. It’s like a concentrated form of cannabis. In Arab it means pleasure and the correct name for those crystals is trichomes, which are small hairs on the epidermis of plants. But these trichomes can sometimes be sticky and resinous depending on the quality of your sprout. Amazingly, trichomes contain cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. Basically, kief contains the highest concentrations of cannabinoids and is highly sought after commodity in the cannabis marketplace.

Pollen Kief Grinder
Best Grinder for Extracting

The easiest way to get your trichomes from your buds is to get a three-way grinder which is easy to use. Because this way when you are grinding your marijuana buds, the kief will sift to the bottom of the grinder and you can collect it from the last tray in the stack.




Cannabis Trichomes

Trichomes come in different shapes and sizes. The three different types of trichomes that coat the bud are as follows:

  1. Bulbous trichomes: these are the smallest kind of trichomes and can only be seen under a microscope and are minute to the eye even through a lense.
  2. Capitate Sessile trichomes resemble mushrooms because of their head and stem. Basically they are more abundant than bulbous trichomes and very potent.
  3. Capitate Stalked trichomes are certainly the most abundant and largest found in the plant. These trichomes are visible to the human eye and may seen on most cannabis flowers.


Kief can be used in many ways and is the most organic use is making hash; Hash is pressed Kief. It can be used to make wax, oils, edibles, and even tinctures.

Kief Grinder

Kief powder can be used to dip your favorite joint in just to give it that extra lift, flavor and aroma . You can even sprinkle a little of it on your morning coffee to give you that extra energy you need in the morning. It may be used in butter, as a condiment, in baked goods and/or other foods, it can be smoked in a pipe and even vaped in a vaporizer. A hit of kief can contain 50% of THC and is a highly potent concentrate. In addition, the purest extraction of kief can test up to 80% THC.

Additionally, the concentrate has many medical benefits as well and may be used as a treatment for either inflammation or pain and even a skin condition such as eczema .Furthermore, it is highly recommended on patients with depression, chronic pain, cancer, arthritis and many other illnesses and diseases because of its high concentration of Cannabinoids, such as THC and CBD.

Kief is an excellent alternative for those looking to stay away from the negative health effects of smoking cannabis. Actually since kief doesn’t contain plant matter, it makes hardly any tar, leading to a cleaner and healthier hit.

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