Latest Med Men Marketing Idea: They’ll Uber You For Free Direct From LAX To A Dispensary

Cannabis retailer MedMen is trying to take the edge off flying — and grow its customer base — by offering perks to entice airline travelers to visit its dispensaries including free Uber rides from select airports and discounts on purchases for those in possession of a boarding pass.

The free-ride program, which launched in in mid-October in Las Vegas before expanding to include Los Angeles and San Jose, works like this: Call a participating MedMen (currently five of its 33 shops listed in the FAQ at from the airport — or anywhere within a 15-mile radius of the store — and an Uber will be dispatched to deliver you to the dispensary where you’re under no obligation buy anything. From there, you’re on your own transportation-wise.

Besides the $14 you’ll save by taking the paid-for Uber to the MedMen dispensary at 8740 S. Sepulveda (the nearest to the airport), you’ll also get a 10% discount for showing your same-day boarding pass or luggage. The boarding-pass discount is available at all MedMen dispensaries nationwide and the offer stands for any same-day boarding pass, whether you’ve just arrived or are about to go wheels up.

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