Leafly Provides Cannabis Retail Information As USA Shuts Down


On Saturday, Boston’s WGBH broadcast images of customers lining up outside New England Treatment Access (NETA) in Brookline, one of the few licensed cannabis stores operating in Massachusetts. WGBH’s Tori Bedford reported:

In Brookline, marijuana dispensary New England Treatment Access has eliminated all walk-in orders due to a high volume of customers, and will now only serve customers who place orders in advance. “In light of the current environment, we will remain open,” an announcement on the NETA website reads, “but will move to Reserve Ahead only starting on Saturday.”

Inside the Brookline store, employees wear latex gloves, and bottles of hand sanitizer and disinfectant spray sit beside each checkout station. The process is efficient, a quick in-and-out, as compared to the massive lines seen snaking around the parking lot of the shop in the past few days, according to NETA employees.


In Chicago, MOCA dispensary has gone medical-only, discontinuing adult-use sales.


In Seattle, Have A Heart is limiting the number of customers allowed in stores at any given time. All online orders get 10% off.

On Monday morning, Higher Leaf stores in Kirkland and Bellevue, WA, went to a mandatory pre-order system. “We will also be limiting the number of customers in the store so as to maintain a safe distance between people,” the store announced.


In California, delivery services and stores report 4/20 and Black Friday-style sales volume has arrived early this year, thanks to COVID-19.

Overall, delivery services are doing brisk business as people socially isolate. Statewide delivery service Ganja Goddess Delivers reports month over month sales traffic spiking first 20%, then 50%. The California Delivery Alliance reports sales are way up across all the states 200 or so licensed delivery services.

In San Jose, Airfield Supply Co. announced free delivery and has experienced a 100% increase in sales in the last two days.

At the brick & mortar level, The Farmacy retail stores are seeing less of a bump than delivery services, but still double-digit percentage increases.

The Green Cross adult-use cannabis store in San Francisco reports many shoppers buying up to the legal limit (one ounce) in California. Up from just a few shoppers prepping last week.

Over at Harborside in Oakland, owners asked customers Monday to use their delivery service, as well as online order ahead options.

More at https://www.leafly.com/news/industry/covid-19-restrictions-sparking-a-run-on-cannabis-stores

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